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Remarks on David Wilcock's comments…/david-wilcock-update-via-benj…

David’s comments from Fulford’s latest report are aligned with my views that in fact the world is undergoing a collective dark night of the soul and not heading towards nuclear Armageddon as many would suspect. Perhaps I can share a related short story.

When I was around 15 - 16, I was deeply concerned with the prospect of nuclear war. This was not exactly a usual topic of interest for someone my age, especially as the Cold War was over and the one against terrorism hadn’t yet started.

I read every book on it I could get my hands on; On the Beach, Alas, Babylon, Warday, even the official Finnish doctors association’s manual and watched every movie I could find; Threads, The Day After, The War Game.

One day walking home from school I ‘heard/remembered’ a message, perhaps that is the best way to put it. It said “they will not allow for it to happen”. To this day, I don’t know exactly who ‘they’ are, but to this day nuclear war does not register as one of my true concerns.

There are countless beings out there, many outside of humanity’s reach or understanding, looking out for our best interests. And I wouldn’t be too worried about the ‘bad’ guys either, they’re the ones that have been causing most of this planet’s problems for millennia.

Over the years, I’ve come to understand that humanity’s journey on this planet is part of a much larger unfolding of a cosmic picture. We’re coming out of very dark times into a much brighter future.

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On certain planetary matters

If you’ve got time, let me tell you about a planet somewhere on the edge of the galaxy. It’s a relatively inconspicuous and backward place, not often on the radar even when discussing regional galactic affairs.

It does have one interesting peculiarity; its inhabitants have already some time ago achieved inter-planetary and inter-galactic travel capability, to a great extend through backward engineering as is usually the case, but rather than venturing out into the universe, only a very small percentage of the population is aware of these developments.

And one does not have to be a stargate scientist to figure out the reason. The self-proclaimed authorities, with the help our usual suspects when it comes to most shenanigans in this part of the galaxy, want their subordinates to learn about these new prospects just as much as prison wardens want their inmates to figure out that there is a grand big hole on the prison wall.

The rulers have had a lot going for them, having formulated quite an ingenious operation even on the galactic arm’s scale, but one which hinges on keeping the inhabitants in the dark on the planet’s place among other civilizations. Their reality bubbles, as some have put it, need to comprise solely of planetary matters and even a single message, not to say a widely-publicised visit, would have the same consequences as taking a needle to a balloon.

It’s been understandably imperative for the rulers to hold a monopoly on dispersing information and until lately they’ve had rather a success at this. They’ve spun great many stories on the origin of the planet, why a certain war had to be fought, which god to worship, etcetera. As the people kept figuring out their tales, they rolled out new fables. The latest one quite a silly story of materialism.. one has to wonder how they ever pulled it off. Sitting in their watchtower, they derive satisfaction, as any despot in the galaxy ever, from seeing their subjects scurrying in whatever direction they point.

Although most just passed by the small bluish marble and shrugged their shoulders, there were after all countless other planets in similar predicaments and one could not be expected to help them all, some stopped and observed with concern the arduous circumstances of the inhabitants.

Helping them proved however particularly difficult. The authorities were known for shooting down any craft entering the atmosphere and if you managed to land, you’d be swiftly escorted to an undisclosed location for an undefined amount of time for unspecified treatment. Not exactly the place to consider for a long weekend getaway.

In addition, around the time of the biggest technological jumps, the wardens initiated a creative psychological campaign. Year after year the inhabitants’ minds were fed with fictional tales on how the other lifeforms in the universe were coming to get them. Most of them would be scared out of their wits were they to see just an odd light in the sky, even if it was the most common type of spacecraft in the whole galaxy.

Because it was so particularly difficult to penetrate any message to the planet, much less visit it, some concerned onlookers chose to be born there. Although feeling originally giddy about taking on such a noble cause, many regretted it from the very first breath of the planet’s air. Life in a planetary ghetto is life in a ghetto after all.

Things are looking up however. If you happen to have time, now is really a great time to go and see the show. There’s a lot of talk that the prison walls are about to come down for good. They’ll need a hand in about everything, from exopolitics, to galactic history, to regular old jumpship torsion physics. Oh yeah, the planet is located in the Gould Belt on the Orion Arm. The locals call it Earth.

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On Trump and Syria

When it comes to Trump, we seem to often succumb to intellectual lethargy.

Some still subscribe to the easiest narrative that Trump was never nothing more than a bait for the deep state. Nothing more than a swamp monster of the very same swamp he wowed to drain.

There are too many rebuttals to get into here, but let’s look at the biggest one; we have the entire liberal media and political establishment, from both sides of the aisle, around the globe, against Trump.

Yes, it can be argued that Trump was a bait-and-switch, controlled opposition from the get-go.

And for the sake of argument, let’s say this was the case, when Trump was not raping children with Hillary, he was lying to everyone on how he’ll throw her to jail.

In this case, there would be absolutely nothing, that I can think of or what anyone has been able to present, on why the campaign against him has continued and even doubled down - after - the elections.

This has done tremendous damage to the MSM’s credibility and brought to the deep state to the limelight.

The establishment is said to consists of some of the brightest minds on the planet and if they’ve done this just .. because.. they have truly failed their reputation and are indeed nothing but idiots.

And then we have such figures as the bomb bomb John McCain himself stating in a leaked telephone conversations, that he has never faced harder times than under the Trump administration and that he does not know how it all will turn out.

Ok, could Trump then have been coaxed to tow the war line? Yes. And in such case I would bow deeply for his service to humanity in buying us time in the battle.

"..What are you talking about, he betrayed us!"

If you will, let me introduce you into the following short story.

Your phone rings. An unknown number. Who could it be?



“Who is this?”

“This is not important.”

“Why do you call me?”

“We want you to do a certain thing.”

“I’m not..”

“Yes you are. Otherwise, we will slowly rape and kill your children.”

You try to speak, but the words get caught in your throat.

“Please walk to your window.”

With trembling steps, you make your way to the window, outside of which you see four police vehicles parked on the street. Your eyes are drawn to a waving hand in the driver’s seat of the first car. You see the person in a police uniform mouth out the same words you hear on the phone.

“Calling the police will not help you.”

There are not many people on this planet whose knees would not buckle at least slightly from such an interaction, not to say doing exactly and to the point whatever is requested from them.

These are the people that anyone who truly threatens the establishment has to deal with and many many have already given their and their loved ones' lives. Most armchair critics however have difficulty placing themselves in their shoes.

And still there is the third option. Talking the talk, but not walking the walk. To buy time. Again, let’s enter an alternative reality, where Trump would have stated the following: “I believe al-Assad and Putin are correct. The gassing is the responsibility of the terrorists”. Que the MSM headlines:

“Trump sides with dictators and approves the gassing of children!” “A line has been crossed!” “Trump must go and he must go now!” “We call all citizens to take this child murderer down!”

So, to recap, is Trump part of the child raping Cabal? No, I don’t believe so. Could he have been threatened and blackmailed to parrot their agenda? Yes, this is possible. Is it possible that he knows exactly how windy his position is and he’s trying to buy time and calm the hurricane winds around him? Yet also a possibility.