torstai 15. syyskuuta 2016

Europe's move away from NATO

A thorough review by the Sirius Report on the albeit small, but steady steps of Europe in its shift away from NATO and its Anglo-American influence: A view mirrored in my piece from June [1].

How would Germany, and the rest of Europe, have to tread if they even hypothetically wanted to exit NATO? Here pragmatism must be applied. The exit would need to be implemented in steps and with caution. The formation of a European army would be one such step.

It must be taken into consideration that the U.S stations over 37 000 military personnel in Germany [2]. It is still de facto an occupied country. This amplified with the knowledge that a secret agreement, the “Chancellor Act”, as revealed by a Major General Gerd-Helmut Komosso who served in West-Germany’s military and military intelligence, still restricts Germany’s sovereignty under the U.S influence [3].

We also have an example from history on the 31 attempts on French president Charles De Gaulle’s life, once he decided to withdraw France from NATO in 1966 [4].

I feel people are fast to jump the gun, when it comes to evaluating European politicians’ motives. They are either bribed or threatened, they are not part of the elite’s inner circle.

Once the strings loosen or start snapping, some of the politicians might actually still remember how to walk on their own, together with their fellow humans. They might stumble and take steps back, but they must be judged on their present actions, not their past. As all humans.