tiistai 16. helmikuuta 2016

Refined contemplations on this reality (2)

I had managed not to fully understand the difference between consciousness and awareness.

Consciousness is the unchanging field of knowing in which the world, body and the mind appear. Awareness is a component of consciousness, which has allowed it to become aware of itself, to become self-aware.

Try it out. You can move your awareness from your body to a sound outside your body and then back to your mind. You can expand your awareness to encompass the whole room or just a tiny part it. At the same time that you are aware of something (conscious of it), you are also aware that you are aware (you are self-aware).

Because we are not explained how reality operates, we tend to overlook these functions of it. We become so enthralled by the vehicle through which we operate, the body, and particularly by the tool through which we create, the mind, that we completely overlook both consciousness and awareness.

Our identity is thus:

Primary: emptiness/void, secondary: consciousness, tertiary: awareness, quaternary: body, quinary: mind

In meditation the mind will dissipate back to awareness and awareness back to consciousness. In deep meditation and deep sleep consciousness will dissipate back to emptiness.

Likely differences between conscious beings:

Frog: consciousness, no awareness, no mind
Dog: consciousness, awareness, primitive mind
Human: consciousness, awareness, developed mind