maanantai 30. marraskuuta 2015

The root of suffering

Root: I will be denied my own love for myself. Reason: My physical appearance will not be accepted by others. Fix: Change my physical appearance through exercise, diet and grooming. Fear: I cannot uphold the expected physical appearance and will be attacked and abandoned.

Root: I will be denied my own love for myself. Reason: My writing and speaking about "enlightened and awakened stuff" will not be accepted by others. Fix: Write and talk as approachably as possible. Fear: What I say or write will not be accepted and I will be attacked and abandoned.

Root: I will be denied my own love for myself. Reason: I will not be able to maintain the level of love, peace and unwavering mental stability that I talk about and will not be accepted by others. Fix: Attempt to maintain the level artificially at times. Fear: I cannot maintain it and I will be attacked and abandoned.

Root: I will be denied my own love for myself. Reason: My body will die. Fix: Avoidance. Fear: I cannot avoid death forever.

We spend most of our lives tangled up in this web of 'reasons, fixes and fears' and it causes us suffering. The only lasting solution is to go directly to the root and to never deny our love for ourselves. It's easier said than done, but any step in that direction will bring us closer to our true identity, closer to home.

By uprooting the denial of love we notice that our whole time-bound identity was based on the web of "root, reasons, fixes and fears': "I am this physical appearance, I am this enlightened writer, I am this always loving, peaceful and mentally unwavering person".

We're brought back into the eternal moment of now. As the eternal moment of now is further explored, it's discovered that existence is not limited to the body, but it's boundless and contains everything within it. It's discovered that the nature of this boundless existence is unconditional love for all that it contains.

We notice that it was the fear that love could be lost that created the illusion of us as time-bound separate beings in the first place. We notice that not even the death of the body can deny ourselves of our love, because we are eternal infinite love.

lauantai 28. marraskuuta 2015

David Wilcocks' latest article

The 'war on terror' is an absolute joke. The fact of the matter is that mainly western countries and banks are directly financing, arming and aiding terrorist groups like IS/IL (Daesh) to reach their political and ideological goals. This astounding reality is not investigated or covered by the so-called free press. They obediently report all the atrocities committed by the groups, but sideline any evidence that points to governmental backing or to forgery and instigation of terrorist attacks.

The only country openly in opposition to this criminal activity, namely Russia, is being actively demonized and attacked. Things are heating up globally and alliances are breaking up with France joining Russia in its fight against IS and its backers and with the U.S. and other Nato countries not unanimously siding with Turkey in its attack against Russia.

For newcomers into this world of treason of the highest order, David Wilcock's latest long but revealing articles are a recommended read (links to subsequent parts at the bottom):

For Finnish readers, there's also this summary of the articles:

perjantai 20. marraskuuta 2015

The Rothschild Kazarian Mafia

Suggested read on the Rothschild Kazarian Mafia, its history and its goals. Here are some quotes to go with the article:

“I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire. And I control the money supply.” 
- Nathan Rothschild

"We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order."
- David Rockefeller

We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by consent or conquest.”
–James Warburg, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member to The Senate Foreign Relations Committee on February 17th, l950

“In short, the ‘house of world order’ will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down. It will look like a great ‘booming, buzzing confusion,’ to use William James’ famous description of reality, but an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.”
–Richard N. Gardner, Foreign Affairs

“The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining supercapitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control. Do I mean a conspiracy? Yes, I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, incredibly evil in intent.”
–Rep. Larry P. MacDonald, killed in Korean Air Lines 007, 1983

"If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts." 
- George H.W. Bush's

Refined contemplations on this reality

Once a unit of consciousness has achieved self-awareness, it incarnates in a similar reality as the one on Earth to make a choice between love and hate. The two primary conditions for such a reality are forgetting and the illusion of separation.

Being born through the veil of forgetting, where memories of past lives and the time in between are veiled, enables for unbiased decision making. The illusion of bodily separation likewise exists to allow for a conscious choice to be made.

Most forms of spirituality attempt to guide the soul towards love. There are also forms, like satanism, which make an effort to point the soul towards hate. The choice is made by either holding loving and forgiving thoughts or by holding hateful and vengeful thoughts.

Many love based forms emphasize overcoming the illusion of separation, because Unity in itself is unconditional love. This is most commonly achieved through meditation, self-inquiry or the use of psychedelic drugs.

Some forms emphasize maintaining the non-dual state over everything else. These have often been based on the teachings of people who have made this choice and who have been removed from the world.

It is not necessary to permanently overcome the illusion of bodily separation and to deny the body and the world (as also I have sometimes thought). More important is to make a conscious choice between love and hate. We can enjoy this beautiful body and the world in the name of the Absolute, which is Love.

You are now where you are because of the choices you have made between the opposites in the past (including your previous incarnations). Most have however not made a clear choice and linger between the two depending on the circumstances.

This is a pivotal moment in history and the two opposites are becoming clearly visible inside of us and in the world. Make a choice now and choose love and forgiveness over everything else. Especially towards yourself and towards those who have chosen otherwise.

torstai 19. marraskuuta 2015

Paris attacks and authorities' simultaneous multi-site attack exercise

Well, ain't that something. The authorities just happened to have a 'multi-site attack exercise' drill running on the same day as the Paris attacks took place:

Just like during 911, when a U.S. intelligence agency was planning an exercise for the same day involving an aircraft crashing into one of its buildings in Washington:

and the 2005 London bombings, where "Peter Power, one time high ranking employee of Scotland Yard and a member of its Anti-Terrorist Branch, reported in two major UK media outlets that his company Visor Consulting had on the morning of 7th of July been conducting 'crisis exercises' whose scenarios uncannily mirrored those of the actual attack", "involving a thousand people" and which had "bombs going off precisely at the railway stations at which the actual bombings occured":

and the Boston marathon bombings in 2013, where a police responce training with terrorists using backpacks filled with explosives was planned to take place later:

Good thing I know that our democratic governments would never intentionally harm or lie to us. Otherwise I might start to have those crazy conspiracy ideas about the attacks being carried out by the authorities themselves to slowly strip the fearful citizenry of their rights and to turn socities into police states serving one totalitarian world government, à la 1984. All in the interest of a small psychopathic elite.

Phew, I wonder what's on TV..

maanantai 16. marraskuuta 2015

Gearoid O Colmainin haastattelu RT Internationalilla

Venäläinen uutiskanava RT International lähetti viime viikolla irlantilaisen poliittisen toimittajan ja kirjailijan Gearoid O Colmain haastattelun. Hän kertoo hastattelussa mm. seuraavaa:

- On käynnissä globaali sota maailman siviiliväestöjä vastaan
- Sen lopputulemana on tarkoitus jakaa ja valloittaa maailman väestöt ja alistaa heidät ilman suostumustaan globaalin hallinnon alle
- Tämä uusi maailmanjärjestys edustaa vain pienen tyrannisoivan eliitin etuja
- Ei ole olemassa sotaa terrorismia vastaan
- On olemassa vain sotaa, jossa läntisten tiedusteluelinten rahoittamat ja kouluttamat terroristiryhmät terrorisoivat Yhdysvaltojen ja Israelin hegemoniaa vastustavia kansallisvaltioita
- Ei ole olemassa ISIS:tä, vaan se on läntisten tiedustelujärjestöjen luoma ryhmä
- Ryhmä on kärsinyt pahoja tappioita Venäjän aloitettua iskut sitä vastaan Syyriassa
- Pakolaiskriisiä on käytetty soluttamaan terroristeja Eurooppaan

Haastan sinut lukija suorittamaan syvää itsetutkiskelua olisiko tässä mitenkään mahdollisesti syy siihen, että sinua on varoitettu pysymään visusti erossa venäläismediasta, jossa *kaikki* on propagandaa. Olisko mitenkään mahdollista, että olet tietämättäsi globaalin aivopesukampanjan uhri, jonka tarkoituksena on demonisoida Venäjää, koska se on noussut vastustamaan globaalin eliittin suunnitelmia.

Omaksutulle maailmankuvalle hellempi vaihtoehto on toki edelleen uskoa siihen, että Putin on läpipaha hullu ja tällaiset Venäjän median foliohattu-uutiset globaalin eliitin salaliitosta ovat vain osoitus hänen hulluudestaan. Avata ja lukea kuinka maailma makaa.

lauantai 14. marraskuuta 2015

And so it goes

Having rather accidentally woken up from the illusion that I am the bodymind through which I operate and not the boundless aware emptiness, I was immediately intrigued by why had I been, and why was most of humanity still, in that self created prison.

Going over countless religious texts, ancient writings and contemporary accounts, its become quite apparent that it had been no accidental fall from grace. Humanity was kept in this trance through very rigorous social, religious and economic conditioning.

We are born into a sort of spiritual prison, where everyone we meet has met the same faith. Because we are so used to how the prison operates; the rules, the guards, the walls, we rarely question them.

Every now and then there comes a person that is not content with the answers that the system provides. They climb the walls and peer through its cracks to see what lies beyond, much to the disliking of the prison priests, who are the sole custodians of absolute truth. Today, in addition to the religious figures, we know them as materialistic scientists and their self-appointed royal guard, the sceptics.

And then there is that very elusive tower in the haze, the one from which you could see the whole prison and over the walls. Its not easy to spot and one has to really spend time looking for it. Its so difficult to see that most don't believe it exists.

It has become taboo to even talk about its existence and any references to it are met with a fervent cry: "Are you crazy? There is no tower, and there is definitely no one in the tower that is keeping us here as prisoners! Yes there are walls and yes there are guards, but they are there to keep us safe! Sheesh, what's with you loons!?"

And so it goes.

torstai 12. marraskuuta 2015


Artikkelissa puhutaan hyvin arkiseen sävyyn yhteiskunnan romahtamisen riskistä. "Ruotsin yhteiskunta romahti tänään. Ja seuraavaksi katsomme huomisen säätä.."

Jos jollakulla on edelleen mielikuva siitä, että pakolaiskriisi on vain puhdasta sattumaa, hallitsemattomien olosuhteiden aikaansaannosta, äärimmäisen valitettava vääjäämätön tapahtumaketju, suosittelen yrittämään uudelleen.

Valitettavasti tämä tarkoittaa heräämistä hyvin erilaiseen maailmaan kuin jossa olemme tottuneet elämään ja jossa haluaisimme elää. Maailmaan jossa tiettyjen hyvin vaikutusvaltaisien ryhmien päämääränä on toimivien yhteiskuntien romahduttaminen. Ryhmien joille demokraattisesti valitut edustajat ovat vain lankojen päässä sätkiviä marionetteja.

Kysessä on yksi kymmenistä psykologisista operaatioista, jolle ihmiskunta on tietämättään alistettu. Ihmisten luonnollista halua auttaa on käytetty härskisti hyväksi. Suurella kärsivällisyydellä on luotu olosuhteet, jossa ihmiset eivät kykene kritisoimaan järjestelmää, vaikka se tuhoaa itse itsensä.

Elämme kriittisiä aikoja. Nyt kirjoitetaan ihmiskunnan tulevaisuutta poikkeuksellisella voimalla. Lähitulevaisuuden tapahtumat riippuvat vauhdista, jolla ihmiskunta herää unestaan. Herää vaatimaan toisenlaista todellisuutta ilman keinotekoisia sotia, terrorismia, niukkuutta, velkaorjuutta, epätasa-arvoa, ikuista talouskasvua ja elävien olentojen oikeuksien polkemista.

torstai 5. marraskuuta 2015

Overview of Michael Salla's book Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliances

A prominent ufology researcher Michael Salla (Ph.D.) has written a highly informative and thoroughly researched book 'Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliances' on secret space programs of the past and current era.

The book contains compelling circumstantial and documentary evidence of current era secret space program research that began in pre-Nazi Germany, fascist Italy and the United States after WWII as well as the role of secret societies (such as the German Vril, Thule and the Order of the Black Sun), ancient Earth civilizations and extraterrestrial groups in their incubation. It also includes descriptions of suppressed civilian efforts to develop advanced space flight enabling technology.

The main offshoots of these programs are said to include the Nazi SS run Dark Fleet, the Cabal/Illuminati controlled Interplanetary Company Conglomerate, the formerly Cabal/Illuminati controlled U.S military lead Solar Warden, the United Nations operated Global Galactic League of Nations and smaller corporate factions working towards/with Artificial Intelligence.

Technologies developed in these deeply secretive and compartmentalized programs include anti-gravity, anti-mass, faster than light travel, free-energy, neurological and mental interfacing, age regression, time travel and memory wiping/implanting.

All mentioned current era human secret space programs operate both inside and outside of our solar system. The more sinister operations include the use of humans as slave labor on Mars and other planets as well as trading slave labor based products, including human beings, to extraterrestrial groups for technology and other sought after goods. The number of victims run into the millions. The count of extraterrestrial groups conducting business with the human factions is said to be as high as 900 different civilizations.

The main ancient Earth civilization programs covered in the book are the Agartha network's Silver Fleet and the Mayan space program. The main alliance groups reviewed are the Secret Space Program Alliance, the Draconian Federation Alliance, the Earth Alliance, UN Type Super Federation (of 40 - 60 human like extraterrestrial groups) and the Sphere Being Alliance.

The groups and alliances are situated on the Service-To-Others - Service-To-Self polarization line and have differing stances as it comes to either releasing information on suppressed technologies, true history and spiritual knowledge to humanity and ending the artificial dept and scarcity based control system or deepening humanity's enslavement.

The spectacular claims are supported by Salla's thorough cross examination of three whisleblowers' stories who claim to have worked in the secret space programs. He also sites a large number of declassified governmental UFO material, news items, historical evidence and other researchers' findings in drawing his conclusions.

Salla ends the book with a review of the principles laid out in the Law of One or Ra material, which details that Earth is coming to the end of a 25000 year cycle. The transition enables souls incarnated on Earth to transition to the next density given that they have become either over 51% Service-To-Others or over 95% of Service-To-Self oriented. If the selection has not been made, the 3rd density cycle of 25 000 years will have to be repeated on another planet(s), as Earth will become a 4th/5th density Service-To-Others planet in the near future.

The book can be heartily recommended for anyone new to the topics as well as to those more familiar with the field. It's a tightly packed source of information on the various secret space programs, extraterrestrial affairs and spiritual evolution and their enormous past, current and future political, exopolitical and societal ramifications.