torstai 31. joulukuuta 2015

Congressman Larry McDonald on the New World Order

Especially for those who believe that talk about a global elite’s drive towards a one world government is an “Internet conspiracy” with little or no credibility, I highly recommend taking 18 minutes of your day to watch this video.

Filmed in 1983 Democratic Congressman Larry McDonald takes on his interviewers in a cool highly intelligent manner and explains the elite’s covert moves towards global rule.

The conversation was filmed four months before McDonald perished in a plane crash, when the KAL007 was shot down over Soviet Union.

keskiviikko 30. joulukuuta 2015

News flash

The Syndicate from Mission Impossible, SPECTRE from James Bond, Hydra from the Marvel series and the First Order from Star Wars are fictional descriptions of a very real organization operating on this planet.

Like its fictional counterparts the Cabal is engaged in a ruthless bid to gain absolute control over humanity. Everything about it is shrouded in secrecy, yet we see it tirelessly working towards its goals every single day.

It is the terrorists bombing our cities. It is the politicians cutting our freedoms in the name of security. It is the intelligent agencies tightening the surveillance network. It is the bankers creating money out of thin air and demanding our land and water in payment. It is the multinational corporations wrestling power over nation states. It is the religious figureheads spreading fear and intolerance. It is the education system and the media keeping people sedated and ignorant.

You don’t want it to be true? Want to enjoy your movies as movies and to believe that even though the plots are mirrored in our news every day, here there is no agenda, no driving force, no Cabal, just some crazy old terrorist in caves, brave people toiling away to keep us safe and some bankers and businessmen looking to make a honest buck.

Or perhaps you understand what’s up and hope to be one of the few that gets to enjoy the view from the top of the pyramid and to watch the rest of humanity suffer.

Either way, the choice is poor. My personal recommendation is to snap out of it, educate yourself and to become part of the solution instead of being part of the problem.

And what is the solution? Truth. The success of the Cabal absolutely positively hinges on secrecy. Don’t be the frog that stays in the water because everyone else is and it’s just getting oh so nice and warm. Be the one that jumps out and shouts: “We are fucking being boiled alive!”

perjantai 25. joulukuuta 2015

The Ocean

Somewhere out on the high seas, two waves meet each other.
"Hey there big wave! Where are you headed?"
"To the annual conference of the Big Waves."
"Allright, sounds interesting. Perhaps before you go, I could ask you one question?"
"Well I'm rather busy, but go ahead."
"Do you believe in the Ocean?"
"Oh no, not one of you nuts! Of course I don't believe in the ocean, I'm an atheist like any other sensible wave."
"Why so?"
"If this priced ocean in the sky of your existed, why hasn't it revealed itself? Why hasn't our science found a trace of the ocean? Can you explain that?"
"Well, perhaps we are the Ocean."
"What!? I've heard a lot of crazy things in my days, but this tops the list.. and how do you suppose this fantasy of yours would work?"
"You see, perhaps the Ocean one day wanted to experience something else than just itself and divided itself into individuated units. Sort of like soap bubbles, but without the borders between the bubbles."
"Again, it's a nice fantasy, but I can assure you, I don't feel one bit like the ocean. I'm a Big Wave and I've had to work goddamn hard to get to where I am. I'd be nowhere if I had just sat down all day dreaming about these kinds of things."
"Haven't you ever had an experience where you even for a brief moment felt part of something much much grander?"
"No, but perhaps I will today, when I'll receive my Wave of the Year award. Hahah!
"Oh, congratulations for that, it's a big award."
"It sure is., I don't know why I'm even asking this, but *if* I was the ocean, why don't I feel one bit like the ocean?"
"An excellent question! How I see it, and as you can probably agree, we're certainly not the whole Ocean. We're currently the Ocean experiencing itself as individuated units of itself, each an Ocean within the whole Ocean. Each individuated unit contains a world, as well as a vehicle for moving around in that world, in our case a wave."
"So you are saying that each wave lives in their closed universe, like sort of like a prison cell?"
"No, not at all. Both yours and my individuated units are made up of and informed by the same whole Ocean. Now the theory goes that because we share the same bodies, this "tunes" our units to display similar information for both of us, it enable us to experience the same world and each others bodies in it. Same thing if we had two radios tuned to the same frequency, the radios would be different, the songs playing would be almost identical and the radiowaves informing both radios would be shared. And perhaps, with a little stretch of the imagination, you could imagine the radios and the music also being made up from the fluctuation of the radiowaves."
"Hmm.. I'll have to think that one over."
"Sure, these can be somewhat complicated on the first go. And on why we don't usually feel like individuated Oceans, but like a waves operating in an external world.. here's where it gets interesting. How I see it is that what makes us different from many other "units" out there, like many animals, is that we are self-aware and we have a mind."
"Hmm, ok, I suppose that's right".
"Now, what if the mind was actually an acquired tool for us to shape our unit and by doing so inform and shape the whole Ocean. In the radio example it would be like also having our own radio transmitters. But instead of using the mind for shaping the Ocean, we accidentally also end up using it to create a limiting identity for ourselves. The first thing we say as children with the mind is "I" and with this we refer to our body, instead of the whole individuated Ocean. Because we are the sole programmer of our unit, its not a big deal for us to create a very authentic feeling of actually being the body and a mind identity riding in it."
"On top of this feeling of "I-ness" in the body, we pile up a number of other identities, all programmed with the same mind: "I the child of these parents", "I the one who lives in this town", "I the one who owns this car". These form naturally and don't cause us much suffering. But then there are also the painful ones like: "I the one with the ugly nose", "I the one that everyone hates" and "I the one that does not deserve to live". Lastly there are the ones that sometimes form on top of these painful ones for protection and which are perhaps the most harmful: "I the one that will never be hurt again", "I the one who has earned his right to take advantage of others." and "I the one that is on top of everyone else."
"Well so what? So what if its like that?"
"The problem is that as a given the Ocean feels restricted by feeling it's just a wave. On top of that we also carry around painful and harmful identities where ever we go. Some of which end up hurting every single unit, from an earthworm to a blue whale, that share this reality with us."
"Ok, all well and good, perhaps I don't like all parts of myself, and perhaps I've sometimes hurt others because they were in my way, but I don't see any other option than just to better those parts in myself."
"Well, here is the best part of all, perhaps that is not the only option, perhaps you can take down any identity with the same mind that it was built with! Let's say that you felt that you had an awful singing voice, you could say to yourself with your mind: "I am not the one with the awful singing voice." And to say this over and over until you felt the feeling literally evaporate. And where did this idea of you as a bad singer come from? Most probably from the outside, from other waves. The trick here is also to to stop trusting these outside voices and to independently program whatever you want your reality to be. You can do this knowing that any other wave trying to put you down is just acting out his internal drama and suffering."
"And what about the feeling of myself as a wave and not the ocean?"
"Here's where questions and statements like "Who am I?", "I am no one" or "I am the infinite Ocean/Universe/Whole" come in. With them you'll go directly to the root of the false identification. Meditation is also a way, but using the mind can perhaps be seen as a short cut, like using a blow torch to melt a block of ice, instead of leaving it out in the sun. Also know that the Ocean only exist in this moment of now, where as the mind identities exist in the past and the future."
"And how exactly will I know when I've done it, "cut the root"?
"Oh you will know. It's truly a once in a lifetime experience."
"And that's it, then I'll float around in eternal bliss?"
"Unfortunately not quite. The Universe seems to be fair in the way that it has given us all tools to both plant our identity and to cut it down. But let's say you've been nurturing your particular one for forty years, after it comes down, there will still be a lot of roots to dig up and debris to clear. But, here again, the mind can be used and with any one branch cleared you'll feel lighter and more at peace."
"Hmm, well, it's been interesting, I'll give you that much. Perhaps I'll even try this trick of yours once. Now I must run to make it to the conference in time.
"Thanks for stopping by for a chat. Have a wonderful day. Bye!"

One day the small wave lay resting and saw the Big wave passing by. He waved his hand, but the Big wave was in too much of a hurry to see him.

"I'll never be able to convince the Big wave to look for the Ocean. And why would I need to? It's the Ocean afterall that wants to experience itself as a Big wave. It wants it so much that it will be back again and again in other forms to continue its journey. And I'll be there also, once the Big wave tires of being a wave, to remind it that it too is the Ocean.. as it would be there for me if the roles were reversed. We're all just walking each other home afterall."

sunnuntai 13. joulukuuta 2015

Kaikkeus kastepisarassa

Tavallisesti ajattelemme, ettei tyhjiössä ole mitään, eli se on ns. tyhjää täynnä. Käsityksemme on kuitenkin hyvin kaukana todellisuudesta.

Tosiasiassa tyhjiö on kukkuraisillaan energiaa. Se on sitä niin täynnä, että se muodostaa fysiikassa ns. "ikävän äärettömyyden ongelman". Jos jotain on fysiikaalisissa laskelmissa äärettömän paljon, on tällä taipumus tehdä niistä käyttökelvottomia. 

Kvanttikenttäteoria hankkiutuu äärettömästä energiatiheydestä eroon nk. renormalisaatioprosessin kautta, jossa tyhjiön massa lasketaan kuutiosenttimetrin tilaan mahtuvien Plankin yksiköiden massan perusteella. Plankin yksikkö on pienin teoreettisesti mitattavissa oleva mittayksikkö.

Renormalisoidun tyhjiön energiatiheys on 10^93gm/cm3. Vaikka koko maailmankaikkeus tiivistettäisiin kuutiosenttimetrin tilaan, olisi sen massa vain 10^55gm/cm3. Tyhjiön energiatiheys on siis 39 kertaa suurempi kuin koko maailmankaikkeuden tiheys.

Nassim Harameinin Holofraktaali Universumi - teorian mukaan kaikkeus on fraktaalimainen, jossa jokainen osa jakaa kokonaisuuden ominaisuudet. Itämaisissa filosofioissa maailmankaikkeuden rakennetta on vastaavasti kuvattu nk. Indran verkkona, jossa äärettömän helminauhan helmet heijastavat viereisen helmen ja heijastumassa heijastuvat kaikki helminauhan muut helmet.

Haramein kiinnostui siitä, olisiko fotonin pinta-alassa tarpeeksi massaa muodostamaan siitä mustaa aukkoa ja kävi ilmi, että massaa on enemmän kuin tarpeeksi sen muodostumiseen. Hän teorisoikin, että tuntemamme todellisuus koostuu sisäkkäisiä mustia aukkoja. Esimerkiksi avaruus on mustaa siksi, että Universumimme on valtava mustan aukko, jonka sisäpuolella me elämme.

Hän ei kutsu mustaa aukkoa kuitenkaan mustaksi aukoksi, vaan mustaksi/valkoiseksi aukoksi, jossa sisäpuoli on mustaa ja ulkopuoli valoa. Jokainen musta/valkoinen aukko muodostaa kolmiulotteisen torusmuodon, jossa energia kiertää ulkokautta takaisin sisäpuolelle ja siitä jälleen ulos. Myös konsensustiede on tullut lopputulokseen, että mustat aukot säteilevät energiaa ja esimerkiksi galaksien keskellä olevat mustat aukot voivat olla äärimmäisen kirkkaita.

Nähdäkseni perimmäisin olemuksemme, sielumme, on fotoni, eli valohiukkanen. Tietoisuus, keho, ja mieli ovat sen heijastamaa valoa, jonka koemme ulkopuolellamme. Sisimmässämme taas vallitsee tyhjyyden absoluuttinen tyyneys. Tietoisuus joka valaisee kehomme, muiden kehot ja maailman ympärillämme on yksilöllinen, mutta tyyneyden olosuhteettomat ominaisuudet ovat yhteiset. Lisäksi verkko josta kaikkeus koostuu yhdistää meidät kaikkii muihin kastepisaroihin. Teemme joka päivä matkan valoon ja manifestaatioon ja takaisin äärettömään tyyneyteen; päivällä hereillä ollessamme ja yöllä unettomassa syvässä unessa.

Sielu kehittyy jatkuvasti kohti suurempaa viisautta ja kokonaisuutta, kohti suurempaa valoa. Esimerkiksi muurahaiset, linnut, maapallo ja aurinko ovat eri kehitysasteella olevia sielullisia olentoja, samoin galaksit ja maailmankaikkeudet. Lopulta sielut sulautuvat takaisin siihen samaan äärettömään torusmuotoon josta ne ovat lähteneet, siihen jolla on lukemattomia nimiä: Lähteeseen, Jumalaan, Allahiin, Ykseyteen.

lauantai 12. joulukuuta 2015

Couple of links

Global warming truly is the "Russkies/Yankees are going to blow you up" scare of our generation. The reaction to saying that the CO2 linked global warming is a hoax is exactly the same if in the sixties you dared to suggest that the cold war is intentionally designed to keep humanity in a perpertual state of fear, namely: "Are you fucking out of your right mind!?" The reaction is directly porportional to the depth and breadth of the indoctrination.


They sure like to play their games (and then put in on display as a funny cartoon).

I too fell for the bird flu/ebola/terrorist attack/mass shooting/climate catastrophe/war scare so so many times.

I understand, it must feel godlike to talk and laugh about the "useless eaters" and "little people" scurrying around in panic about the latest scare. And possibly they even think its for our best, that we need to be herded around like sheep.

However, it's time for it to end.

Neti neti

Use the mind to take apart what it has built. An excellent technique for this is the ancient "neti neti" practise or "not this, not this".

Go through your memories which you've identified with and say "I am not this, I am not this". Yes, they happened, but you are not them. Continue this to include your body.

In modern terms you are deprogramming what you have programmed to constitute as "you". Really you are no-one, but still you are, you are boundless existence inbodied.

The memories are still there and they can still be accessed. The mechanism for ego exists too, so its a constant progress of not programming and deprogramming (as this reference point of the Universe has once again remembered).

Truly the one that has the problem is the problem and who you really are has no problems. You are a luminous blissfull being existing only in the now.

tiistai 8. joulukuuta 2015

The muscle of the soul: part two

Perhaps I could continue where I left off with this text:

So there I was, standing at the smoldering rubble of the world I had known for some thirty years. At my feet lay pieces of my steadfast faith in the government and the authorities. Burning right beside it was my almost blind belief in the established media, the fire fuelled by heaps of The Economist, Scientific American, Helsingin Sanomat newspapers and magazines. The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins lay further with half of its pages ripped out.

I had lost my compass and all my maps. Yet, I was not lost. I had woken up from a dream, a dream where I had dreamt that I was a separate body and its story experiencing an external world. I felt an absolute stillness and happiness pervaded my whole being. The world around me shone with a beauty I had witnessed only for brief moments before. Everything was inside me and I was inside everything.

I walked to a library, one which I love very much, a scenic four story building on Richardinkatu in Helsinki. Took the steps to the second floor and walked to a section which I had never before visited, nor thought about visiting, the one with books on religions and spirituality. I picked up a book on Buddhism and started reading. "Enlightenment, satori, Zen, emptiness, non-attachment, eightfold path, oneness, non-duality", new concepts and words poured at me. I needed to understand.

Echart Tolle, Rupert Spira, Ramana Maharshi, Buddha, Jesus. Slowly a hazy picture started to form. "So it was all out there, spoken by so many people over the eons! And of course, it had to be, how many absolute truths can there be! Hahhah! Amazing, there is truth and it's right in front of us and it can be realized by anyone. That we are the Universe, Oneness or God, or whatever you want to call it, experiencing itself, looking at itself through innumerable eyes. And when we forget this we fall into a waking dream, in which we imagine to be just the body and its story."

For a long time I thought it was all a big unfortunate mishap. That humanity had fallen from grace and landed on the rocky ground of separation and fear by accident. It was perhaps when I was again sitting at Richardinkatu's library and happened to pick up the gospel of Thomas, a gospel which had remained lost for almost two millennia, before being rediscovered in a cave in Egypt in 1945, that another suspicion first lifted its head.

It's a short book, comprising of things Jesus has said to have told one of his closest disciples. What Jesus talked about was strikingly aligned with Buddhism as well as with my own understanding. It contains quotes like: "If those who lead you say to you, 'See, the kingdom is in the sky,' then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, 'It is in the sea,' then the fish will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known, and you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living father." 

"Why would this book which appeared to contain so much truth have been left out from the Bible and discredited by the established churches? Could this be intentional?" I sat there thinking.

I naturally also looked at what western science had to offer on consciousness and quickly discovered it was doing an appalling job at trying to explain it. The current scientific paradigm, materialism, which had done wonders for humanity, wasn't suited for metaphysics. Even though materialism was excellent for describing the spin of an electron, it was getting nowhere with its descriptions of consciousness, trying to thrust its own limitations onto it. Here the work of a young contemporary scientist, Bernardo Kastrup, was especially influential.

It was then I came upon the Law of One, a series of books said to have been channeled in the eighties by an entity well advanced of humans. It described how infinite emptiness become infinite intelligence and how this infinite intelligence divided itself to create many out of one. It explained our existence on Earth as humans as a sort of school, where souls come to select either a path of love or hate.

The haze started to clear. So there was a sort of a cosmic dance. Oneness dancing with itself to experience and learn. The dance on Earth was said to have been characterized for some 26 000 years by separation and ego. This allowed for circumstances where souls experienced fear and hate and had to make an active choice between love and forgiveness or hate and vengefulness. This period was said to now be coming to an end and separation was dissolving as the cosmic daybreak floods the planet with light. That souls could soon "graduate" to the next dimension, given that the selection had been made.

But really? The mundane life felt so normal. Going to the Alepa to buy some groceries. Voting for Kokoomus in the parliamentary elections. Talking about whether to buy a Nokia or an Apple phone. And all this in the middle of a cosmic story that leaves anyone's head spinning? Could it really be? Was it all just just some wishful thinking? Was I just down with a bad case of conspiracy nuttiness?

So I kept digging. 911, Sandy Hook, CIA mind control, privatized money creation, fake terrorism, fake wars, false flags, chemtrails, the Ukrainian conflict, operation Gladio, sacred geometry, crop circles, BRICS bank, birth of ISIS, institutionalized pedophilia, the Kazarian mafia, Jesuits, secret space programs. More information than there was time to digest. And information which was hard to digest. Also I had never been faced with a situation where I could trust no source automatically and had to go with my gut instinct on what resonated as true.

On the micro-level the planning has been absolutely genius. The planners knew that a technocratic dystopia, which was their dream, could not be thrust onto humanity by force. It needed to be done covertly. This asked for a lot of time and vast resources. They set the time frame for the their plan to span hundreds of years. They slowly corrupted and took over governments and institutions. They taught us very young that the state of the world: wars, greed, hate, was normal. They taught us only to trust the establishments and to accept information from them without questions. They suppressed technologies which would have freed us from wage slavery and freed up time to examine the world and ourselves. Most importantly they had us hating ourselves and each other based on language, country, religion, physical appearance, what ever did the trick.

So, coupled with the spiritual understanding and the mounting evidence, there appears to be with a high degree of probability a conspiracy of cosmic proportions that's unraveling at an exponential rate. The conspiracy and the conspirators have acted as our teachers, giving us a chance to select love and forgiveness. Daybreak is fast approaching and it is making the ones that have best adapted to operate in the shadows scurry around in panic, trying to fulfill their cherishes prophesies in an impossible time frame and in impossible energetic circumstances. The final exam will be to forgive also these beings for their actions.

Again, could I be mistaken? About the conspiracy, the coming age, the cosmic picture? Yes, I could (although this is becoming less and less likely as global events unfold). But not about who I am. Why? Because I am not a thought, something to believe, but being, existence. Don't take my word for it however, courageously examine your reality. If you really are a time-bound story of yourself, does this time exist anywhere else than in your mind? Hasn't it always been the same unmoving now? If you are really just your body and your thoughts, who is the one that that knows the body, hears your thoughts and knows the world around you? Are you really limited to your body, or is it just a long held belief?

Relax into the now, relax into this space of knowing, let go of your clutch on the body and the mind. Notice that your existence is effortless and independent of the body and the mind. The body, the mind and the world can be enjoyed as beautiful yet temporary expressions of yourself, enabling you to learn and grow; as individual waves of the eternal and infinite ocean.

And yet, such a realization is not necessary nor does one need to live in a constant state of oneness. It's enough to treat everyone, even those who want to harm you, with love and forgiveness. It feels right, because you are in actuality treating yourself with love and forgiveness. The more active hating you've done (of yourself and others), the more active loving and forgiving is required (I know cause I had done a lot and the healing process continues to this day, but we'll pull through individually and as humanity). It's been a tough grade, but we're lined up for a one hell of a graduation party.

tiistai 1. joulukuuta 2015

The muscle of the soul

Perhaps I can share a personal story about it.

It was sometime last year that I was home alone lying in bed. I had already had a go at meditation and while at it, had some pretty incredible experiences.

This time I thought I'll just try to relax my body as much as I could. Of course I had relaxes it before, like when we are kids and at school we would lay on the sport hall's floor and be told to relax while the teacher told us a story in a soothing voice. But this time even more.

And how do you relax your body more than you've ever relaxed? I put effort into it. It sounds contradictory, but that's the way it felt. Perhaps like when you've clutched your hand in a fist for a minute and when you start to open it, it feels like you've got to use force to pry your fingers open.

Going deeper into this "forced" relaxation I felt ..something in the middle of my pelvis. It started off as a sort of a gentle rising feeling, but soon intensified into waves and waves of what felt like pure panic roll through my body. Such was the force that my arms curled up into an involuntary spasm. Now if I had not had an inclination on what was going on, I would have certainly called the paramedics to come and pick me up in the middle of a stroke.

I'm certainly happy that I didn't and managed through some twenty minutes of it. Right after it felt like a muscle, of which existence I was previously unaware, had relaxed in my pelvis. It really felt like it had been contracted for all my life. I could feel my lower back had opened up and even the direction my feet were pointing had changed, my toes now pointing more forward than before.

Sometime later, I was again lying in bed alone. Doing the same kind of relaxation. Again a sensation appeared in the middle of my pelvis. It was different this time however. It felt warm and light and good. It didn't come rushing up in waves, but slowly made its way upward what felt like through my spine. Perhaps like how a snake would move.

There I was, a skeptic, materialist and an absolute believer in western worldview's superiority, lying in bed and feeling this incredible energy travel from my pelvis through the spine to my head. In the head the energy appeared to intensify in the middle, making my forehead tingle at the same spot.

As the energy kept growing and seemed to fill every single cell in my body, I knew deeply, coupled with everything else I had experienced, that this was not going to go down well with how I viewed the world.

"Ok" I thought, "So it's all true. All the talk about the chakras and the kundalini and the third eye, its all true. What does this mean? I'm an intelligent person and I've received a twenty year education in one of the most highly regarded education systems in the world and I have not heard a single word about a fucking dormant energy system in the body?!"

"That the root of this energy system can become clogged up with fear and this will feed all these fearful and negative thoughts to my head and prevent the system from operating normally?! That my consciousness is not limited to my body, but that my body is immersed in my consciousness?! What the actual fuck!"

And so it came down, all the meticulously built concepts about how the world operated, all the beautiful fortresses of information I'd spent thousands of hours building, collapsed like cardboard cutouts on a stormy night.

Yeah, it took a while to recover and there is a tendency to go to the other extreme, as has possibly been the case with myself, but that's ok. Really, as always, the middle road is the way to go. Western science has done fantastic things for humanity, but the east got the spirituality right. Now for these two to combine, humanity would be a thousand times better for it.

Ps. and this is not far, methinks ;)

Continued in part two:

maanantai 30. marraskuuta 2015

The root of suffering

Root: I will be denied my own love for myself. Reason: My physical appearance will not be accepted by others. Fix: Change my physical appearance through exercise, diet and grooming. Fear: I cannot uphold the expected physical appearance and will be attacked and abandoned.

Root: I will be denied my own love for myself. Reason: My writing and speaking about "enlightened and awakened stuff" will not be accepted by others. Fix: Write and talk as approachably as possible. Fear: What I say or write will not be accepted and I will be attacked and abandoned.

Root: I will be denied my own love for myself. Reason: I will not be able to maintain the level of love, peace and unwavering mental stability that I talk about and will not be accepted by others. Fix: Attempt to maintain the level artificially at times. Fear: I cannot maintain it and I will be attacked and abandoned.

Root: I will be denied my own love for myself. Reason: My body will die. Fix: Avoidance. Fear: I cannot avoid death forever.

We spend most of our lives tangled up in this web of 'reasons, fixes and fears' and it causes us suffering. The only lasting solution is to go directly to the root and to never deny our love for ourselves. It's easier said than done, but any step in that direction will bring us closer to our true identity, closer to home.

By uprooting the denial of love we notice that our whole time-bound identity was based on the web of "root, reasons, fixes and fears': "I am this physical appearance, I am this enlightened writer, I am this always loving, peaceful and mentally unwavering person".

We're brought back into the eternal moment of now. As the eternal moment of now is further explored, it's discovered that existence is not limited to the body, but it's boundless and contains everything within it. It's discovered that the nature of this boundless existence is unconditional love for all that it contains.

We notice that it was the fear that love could be lost that created the illusion of us as time-bound separate beings in the first place. We notice that not even the death of the body can deny ourselves of our love, because we are eternal infinite love.

lauantai 28. marraskuuta 2015

David Wilcocks' latest article

The 'war on terror' is an absolute joke. The fact of the matter is that mainly western countries and banks are directly financing, arming and aiding terrorist groups like IS/IL (Daesh) to reach their political and ideological goals. This astounding reality is not investigated or covered by the so-called free press. They obediently report all the atrocities committed by the groups, but sideline any evidence that points to governmental backing or to forgery and instigation of terrorist attacks.

The only country openly in opposition to this criminal activity, namely Russia, is being actively demonized and attacked. Things are heating up globally and alliances are breaking up with France joining Russia in its fight against IS and its backers and with the U.S. and other Nato countries not unanimously siding with Turkey in its attack against Russia.

For newcomers into this world of treason of the highest order, David Wilcock's latest long but revealing articles are a recommended read (links to subsequent parts at the bottom):

For Finnish readers, there's also this summary of the articles:

perjantai 20. marraskuuta 2015

The Rothschild Kazarian Mafia

Suggested read on the Rothschild Kazarian Mafia, its history and its goals. Here are some quotes to go with the article:

“I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire. And I control the money supply.” 
- Nathan Rothschild

"We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order."
- David Rockefeller

We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by consent or conquest.”
–James Warburg, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member to The Senate Foreign Relations Committee on February 17th, l950

“In short, the ‘house of world order’ will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down. It will look like a great ‘booming, buzzing confusion,’ to use William James’ famous description of reality, but an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.”
–Richard N. Gardner, Foreign Affairs

“The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining supercapitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control. Do I mean a conspiracy? Yes, I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, incredibly evil in intent.”
–Rep. Larry P. MacDonald, killed in Korean Air Lines 007, 1983

"If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts." 
- George H.W. Bush's

Refined contemplations on this reality

Once a unit of consciousness has achieved self-awareness, it incarnates in a similar reality as the one on Earth to make a choice between love and hate. The two primary conditions for such a reality are forgetting and the illusion of separation.

Being born through the veil of forgetting, where memories of past lives and the time in between are veiled, enables for unbiased decision making. The illusion of bodily separation likewise exists to allow for a conscious choice to be made.

Most forms of spirituality attempt to guide the soul towards love. There are also forms, like satanism, which make an effort to point the soul towards hate. The choice is made by either holding loving and forgiving thoughts or by holding hateful and vengeful thoughts.

Many love based forms emphasize overcoming the illusion of separation, because Unity in itself is unconditional love. This is most commonly achieved through meditation, self-inquiry or the use of psychedelic drugs.

Some forms emphasize maintaining the non-dual state over everything else. These have often been based on the teachings of people who have made this choice and who have been removed from the world.

It is not necessary to permanently overcome the illusion of bodily separation and to deny the body and the world (as also I have sometimes thought). More important is to make a conscious choice between love and hate. We can enjoy this beautiful body and the world in the name of the Absolute, which is Love.

You are now where you are because of the choices you have made between the opposites in the past (including your previous incarnations). Most have however not made a clear choice and linger between the two depending on the circumstances.

This is a pivotal moment in history and the two opposites are becoming clearly visible inside of us and in the world. Make a choice now and choose love and forgiveness over everything else. Especially towards yourself and towards those who have chosen otherwise.

torstai 19. marraskuuta 2015

Paris attacks and authorities' simultaneous multi-site attack exercise

Well, ain't that something. The authorities just happened to have a 'multi-site attack exercise' drill running on the same day as the Paris attacks took place:

Just like during 911, when a U.S. intelligence agency was planning an exercise for the same day involving an aircraft crashing into one of its buildings in Washington:

and the 2005 London bombings, where "Peter Power, one time high ranking employee of Scotland Yard and a member of its Anti-Terrorist Branch, reported in two major UK media outlets that his company Visor Consulting had on the morning of 7th of July been conducting 'crisis exercises' whose scenarios uncannily mirrored those of the actual attack", "involving a thousand people" and which had "bombs going off precisely at the railway stations at which the actual bombings occured":

and the Boston marathon bombings in 2013, where a police responce training with terrorists using backpacks filled with explosives was planned to take place later:

Good thing I know that our democratic governments would never intentionally harm or lie to us. Otherwise I might start to have those crazy conspiracy ideas about the attacks being carried out by the authorities themselves to slowly strip the fearful citizenry of their rights and to turn socities into police states serving one totalitarian world government, à la 1984. All in the interest of a small psychopathic elite.

Phew, I wonder what's on TV..

maanantai 16. marraskuuta 2015

Gearoid O Colmainin haastattelu RT Internationalilla

Venäläinen uutiskanava RT International lähetti viime viikolla irlantilaisen poliittisen toimittajan ja kirjailijan Gearoid O Colmain haastattelun. Hän kertoo hastattelussa mm. seuraavaa:

- On käynnissä globaali sota maailman siviiliväestöjä vastaan
- Sen lopputulemana on tarkoitus jakaa ja valloittaa maailman väestöt ja alistaa heidät ilman suostumustaan globaalin hallinnon alle
- Tämä uusi maailmanjärjestys edustaa vain pienen tyrannisoivan eliitin etuja
- Ei ole olemassa sotaa terrorismia vastaan
- On olemassa vain sotaa, jossa läntisten tiedusteluelinten rahoittamat ja kouluttamat terroristiryhmät terrorisoivat Yhdysvaltojen ja Israelin hegemoniaa vastustavia kansallisvaltioita
- Ei ole olemassa ISIS:tä, vaan se on läntisten tiedustelujärjestöjen luoma ryhmä
- Ryhmä on kärsinyt pahoja tappioita Venäjän aloitettua iskut sitä vastaan Syyriassa
- Pakolaiskriisiä on käytetty soluttamaan terroristeja Eurooppaan

Haastan sinut lukija suorittamaan syvää itsetutkiskelua olisiko tässä mitenkään mahdollisesti syy siihen, että sinua on varoitettu pysymään visusti erossa venäläismediasta, jossa *kaikki* on propagandaa. Olisko mitenkään mahdollista, että olet tietämättäsi globaalin aivopesukampanjan uhri, jonka tarkoituksena on demonisoida Venäjää, koska se on noussut vastustamaan globaalin eliittin suunnitelmia.

Omaksutulle maailmankuvalle hellempi vaihtoehto on toki edelleen uskoa siihen, että Putin on läpipaha hullu ja tällaiset Venäjän median foliohattu-uutiset globaalin eliitin salaliitosta ovat vain osoitus hänen hulluudestaan. Avata ja lukea kuinka maailma makaa.

lauantai 14. marraskuuta 2015

And so it goes

Having rather accidentally woken up from the illusion that I am the bodymind through which I operate and not the boundless aware emptiness, I was immediately intrigued by why had I been, and why was most of humanity still, in that self created prison.

Going over countless religious texts, ancient writings and contemporary accounts, its become quite apparent that it had been no accidental fall from grace. Humanity was kept in this trance through very rigorous social, religious and economic conditioning.

We are born into a sort of spiritual prison, where everyone we meet has met the same faith. Because we are so used to how the prison operates; the rules, the guards, the walls, we rarely question them.

Every now and then there comes a person that is not content with the answers that the system provides. They climb the walls and peer through its cracks to see what lies beyond, much to the disliking of the prison priests, who are the sole custodians of absolute truth. Today, in addition to the religious figures, we know them as materialistic scientists and their self-appointed royal guard, the sceptics.

And then there is that very elusive tower in the haze, the one from which you could see the whole prison and over the walls. Its not easy to spot and one has to really spend time looking for it. Its so difficult to see that most don't believe it exists.

It has become taboo to even talk about its existence and any references to it are met with a fervent cry: "Are you crazy? There is no tower, and there is definitely no one in the tower that is keeping us here as prisoners! Yes there are walls and yes there are guards, but they are there to keep us safe! Sheesh, what's with you loons!?"

And so it goes.

torstai 12. marraskuuta 2015


Artikkelissa puhutaan hyvin arkiseen sävyyn yhteiskunnan romahtamisen riskistä. "Ruotsin yhteiskunta romahti tänään. Ja seuraavaksi katsomme huomisen säätä.."

Jos jollakulla on edelleen mielikuva siitä, että pakolaiskriisi on vain puhdasta sattumaa, hallitsemattomien olosuhteiden aikaansaannosta, äärimmäisen valitettava vääjäämätön tapahtumaketju, suosittelen yrittämään uudelleen.

Valitettavasti tämä tarkoittaa heräämistä hyvin erilaiseen maailmaan kuin jossa olemme tottuneet elämään ja jossa haluaisimme elää. Maailmaan jossa tiettyjen hyvin vaikutusvaltaisien ryhmien päämääränä on toimivien yhteiskuntien romahduttaminen. Ryhmien joille demokraattisesti valitut edustajat ovat vain lankojen päässä sätkiviä marionetteja.

Kysessä on yksi kymmenistä psykologisista operaatioista, jolle ihmiskunta on tietämättään alistettu. Ihmisten luonnollista halua auttaa on käytetty härskisti hyväksi. Suurella kärsivällisyydellä on luotu olosuhteet, jossa ihmiset eivät kykene kritisoimaan järjestelmää, vaikka se tuhoaa itse itsensä.

Elämme kriittisiä aikoja. Nyt kirjoitetaan ihmiskunnan tulevaisuutta poikkeuksellisella voimalla. Lähitulevaisuuden tapahtumat riippuvat vauhdista, jolla ihmiskunta herää unestaan. Herää vaatimaan toisenlaista todellisuutta ilman keinotekoisia sotia, terrorismia, niukkuutta, velkaorjuutta, epätasa-arvoa, ikuista talouskasvua ja elävien olentojen oikeuksien polkemista.

torstai 5. marraskuuta 2015

Overview of Michael Salla's book Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliances

A prominent ufology researcher Michael Salla (Ph.D.) has written a highly informative and thoroughly researched book 'Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliances' on secret space programs of the past and current era.

The book contains compelling circumstantial and documentary evidence of current era secret space program research that began in pre-Nazi Germany, fascist Italy and the United States after WWII as well as the role of secret societies (such as the German Vril, Thule and the Order of the Black Sun), ancient Earth civilizations and extraterrestrial groups in their incubation. It also includes descriptions of suppressed civilian efforts to develop advanced space flight enabling technology.

The main offshoots of these programs are said to include the Nazi SS run Dark Fleet, the Cabal/Illuminati controlled Interplanetary Company Conglomerate, the formerly Cabal/Illuminati controlled U.S military lead Solar Warden, the United Nations operated Global Galactic League of Nations and smaller corporate factions working towards/with Artificial Intelligence.

Technologies developed in these deeply secretive and compartmentalized programs include anti-gravity, anti-mass, faster than light travel, free-energy, neurological and mental interfacing, age regression, time travel and memory wiping/implanting.

All mentioned current era human secret space programs operate both inside and outside of our solar system. The more sinister operations include the use of humans as slave labor on Mars and other planets as well as trading slave labor based products, including human beings, to extraterrestrial groups for technology and other sought after goods. The number of victims run into the millions. The count of extraterrestrial groups conducting business with the human factions is said to be as high as 900 different civilizations.

The main ancient Earth civilization programs covered in the book are the Agartha network's Silver Fleet and the Mayan space program. The main alliance groups reviewed are the Secret Space Program Alliance, the Draconian Federation Alliance, the Earth Alliance, UN Type Super Federation (of 40 - 60 human like extraterrestrial groups) and the Sphere Being Alliance.

The groups and alliances are situated on the Service-To-Others - Service-To-Self polarization line and have differing stances as it comes to either releasing information on suppressed technologies, true history and spiritual knowledge to humanity and ending the artificial dept and scarcity based control system or deepening humanity's enslavement.

The spectacular claims are supported by Salla's thorough cross examination of three whisleblowers' stories who claim to have worked in the secret space programs. He also sites a large number of declassified governmental UFO material, news items, historical evidence and other researchers' findings in drawing his conclusions.

Salla ends the book with a review of the principles laid out in the Law of One or Ra material, which details that Earth is coming to the end of a 25000 year cycle. The transition enables souls incarnated on Earth to transition to the next density given that they have become either over 51% Service-To-Others or over 95% of Service-To-Self oriented. If the selection has not been made, the 3rd density cycle of 25 000 years will have to be repeated on another planet(s), as Earth will become a 4th/5th density Service-To-Others planet in the near future.

The book can be heartily recommended for anyone new to the topics as well as to those more familiar with the field. It's a tightly packed source of information on the various secret space programs, extraterrestrial affairs and spiritual evolution and their enormous past, current and future political, exopolitical and societal ramifications.

keskiviikko 14. lokakuuta 2015

UFO:t kansainvälisen avaruusaseman kameroissa

Joidenkin teorioiden mukaan viralliset avaruusjärjestöjen, kuten Nasan ja Esan, tärkein tehtävä on toimia salaisten avaruusohjelmien kulisseina.

Yhden tällaisen ohjelman sanotaan olevan nimeltään Solar Warden. Nasa vahvisti tämännimisen ohjelman olemassaolon vuonna 2010 sille esitetyn tietopyynnön perusteella. Lisäksi brittiläinen hakkeri McKinnon kertoi nähneensä sitä koskevia tietoja tunkeuduttuaan Yhdysvaltojen avaruushallinnon tietokantoihin. Ohjelman olemassaolosta ovat puhuneet myös tietovuotajat, kuten Randy Cramer ja Corey Goode, jotka ovat omien sanojensa mukaan työskennelleet salaisissa avaruusohjelmissa.

Goode on kertonut, että osa ohjelmista tavoittelee tällä hetkellä niiden paljastamista ihmiskunnalle. Vallitseva valtarakenne ei kuitenkaan ole vielä mahdollistanut laajamittaista julkituloa, joten jotkin alukset ovat pyrkineet näyttäytymään mm. kansainvälisen avaruusaseman live-kameroille.

Videoita pystyy muokkaamaan suhteellisen helposti, joten niiden todistusarvo ei ole vedenpitävä. Niiden uskottavuutta ei myöskään paranna videoihin lisätty dramaattinen musiikki. Huomionarvoista on kuitenkin tapa, jolla lähetykseen tuntuu tulevan katkos tai kamera siirtyy, kun kuvattavalle alueelle ilmaantuu selittämätöntä lentävää toimintaa. Totuus on siis edelleen tuolla ulkona.

torstai 8. lokakuuta 2015

Ylen vääristely A2 Pakolais-illassa

Tiistaina Ylellä esitetty A2 Pakolais-ilta alkoi kolme viikkoa aiemmin Syyriasta Suomeen pakolaisina saapuneen perheen tarinalla. Perheeseen kuuluu äiti, isä, mummo, tytär ja kaksi poikaa. Ohjelmassa seurataan perheen ensitunnelmia Tampereella ja jatketaan keskustelua studiossa.

Haastattelun ajan perheen tytär istuu isän sylissä ja osoittaa ja katsoo välillä poispäin kamerasta yleisöön.

Kun haastattelu päättyy, saattaa juontaja Kati Leskinen perheen tytön toiseen suuntaan kuin muun perheen ja sanoo hänelle kuiskaten: ”Sä voit mennä missä… mee sä tohon.. missä sun äiti on” (10:00 minuutin kohdalla).

Eikö tytön äiti ollutkaan ohjelmassa esitetty? Miten Leskinen olettaa tytön oppineen kolmessa viikossa näin hyvin suomea? Mikä on Ylen motiivi näin räikeään vääristelyyn? Kuka on vääristelyn taustalla? 

Edit. 2A teema-illan vastaava tuottaja Ville Kolarin mukaan katsomossa istui perheen suomalainen tukihenkilö. Edelleen jää kuitenkin avoimeksi miksi Leskinen puhuu tytölle suomea ja viittaa tukihenkilöön 'äitinä'.(

keskiviikko 7. lokakuuta 2015

Venäjä ja ISIS

Nyt myös Irak ja Afganistan ovat toivottaneet Venäjän avun ISIS:sen vastaisessa taistelussa tervetulleeksi [1, 2]. Jos apu realisoituu, aiheuttaa tämä täysin kestämättömän tilanteen läntisissä tiedotusvälineissä. Edes kouliintuneimmat faktojen pyörittelijät eivät silloin enää kykene esittämään Venäjää vain verisiä diktaattoreja tukevana, siviilejä pommittavana ja terrorismia synnyttävänä roistovaltiona.

Jos Venäjä kykenee saavuttamaan nopean laajamittaisen voiton ISIS:stä, asettaa tämä myös erittäin kyseenalaiseen valoon Yhdysvaltojen johtaman koalition, joka on kertonut yli vuoden aikana tehneensä yli 6700 ilmaiskua, lähettäneensä 3000 sotilasta Irakiin ja kouluttaneensa Irakilaisia ja Syyrialaisia joukkoja taistelemaan terroristijärjestöä vastaan, mutta jona aikana se ei ole kyennyt saavuttamaan suuria voittoja ja jonka mukaan ISIS:sen tuhoamiseen menisi ”vuosikymmen tai enemmän”. [3]


maanantai 28. syyskuuta 2015

Suomen vesivarojen yksityistämisestä ja Internet-sensuurista

Metsähallitus on valmistellut valtavien vesialueiden siirtoa kansalaisten vapaasta käytöstä valtion liiketalouskäyttöön. Yli 2 miljoona hehtaaria (2/3 Suomen vesistöistä) ollaan siirtämässä osakeyhtiön omistukseen, jolloin niiden ostaminen tulisi mahdolliseksi. [1]

Aivan kuten kaikki muukin päivänvalonkestävä toiminta (kuten TTIP-neuvottelut), myös vesistöjen yksityistämistä on valmisteltu kansalaisilta salassa. Varmuuden vuoksi hanke on julistettu myös metsähallituksen sisällä salaiseksi. ”Move along, nothing to see here..”

Internet ja sosiaalinen media ovat tehneet salassa toimimisen huomattavasti vaikeammaksi. Suomalaisten vesivarat olisivat siirtyneet kansainvälisille suuryrityksille ja sijoittajille paljon jouhevammin, jos tiedonvälityskanavat olisivat edelleen sanomalehdet ja televisio.

YK on vastikään julkistanut ”maailmanlaajuisen herätyksen” liittyen tyttöjen ja naisten ahdisteluun Internetissä. Taistellakseen tämän sinänsä tärkeän asian puolesta, järjestö ehdottaa järeitä muutoksia, jotka velvoittaisivat sosiaaliset mediat monitoroimaan yksittäisiä profiileja ja kirjoituksia. Lisäksi se esittää, että viranomaiset myöntäisivät toimiluvan vain niille tele-alan yrityksille ja hakukoneille, jotka ”valvovat sisältöä ja levitystä”. [2]

Fast forward a couple of years: ”TTIP-vapaakauppasopimus ja vesivarojen yksityistäminen parantavat ihmisoikeuksia ja naisten asemaa vapauttamalla kilpailua ja luomalla työpaikkoja ja hyvinvointia. Niitä koskevat negatiiviset kirjoitukset tulkitaan ihmisoikeuksia ja naisia loukkaaviksi ja ovat siksi kiellettyjä. Viestisi on poistettu ja toimintasi raportoitu. Hyvää päivänjatkoa!”



maanantai 21. syyskuuta 2015

Overview of unity and separation

Here's a visual representation of my understanding of the dynamics of unity and separation in the human experience:

(if you get a Dropbox registration window, you can close it and view the document.)

Yleiskuva ykseydestä ja erillisyydestä

Tässä visuaalinen kuvaus ymmärryksestäni ykseyden ja erillisyyden dynamiikasta ihmiskokemuksessa:

(jos Dropbox pyytää rekisteröitymään, ikkunan voi ohittaa sulkemalla sen, jonka jälkeen kuvan tulisi näkyä)

tiistai 15. syyskuuta 2015

Syyskuun YK:n yleiskokous ja eliitin agenda

Vatikaani on julkaissut dokumentin, jossa se ehdottaa maailman keskuspankin perustamista [1]. Tämä on alustusta myöhemmin tässä kuussa järjestettävään YK:n yleiskokoukseen, jossa paavi pitää puheenvuoron. Kokouksessa hyväksytään YK:n 2030-agenda, jonka laajat tavoitteet koskettavat kaikkia maailman maita ja ihmisiä [2].

Ehdottaessaan näitä ulkokultaisia näennäisesti hyväntahtoisia ratkaisuja, eliitti vetoaa aiheuttamiinsa kriiseihin; sotiin, nälänhätään, talouskriiseihin, pakolaisuuteen, köyhyyteen, ilmastokatastrofeihin ja tautiepidemioihin. Se osoittaa luomiaan ongelmia ja sanoo etteivät itsenäiset kansalliset toimijat ole kykeneviä ratkaisemaan niitä, vaan vaaditaan tiukempaa globaalia kontrollia. Tämä ”ongelma – vastatoimi – ratkaisu” toimintamalli on aina ollut eliitin vallan keskiössä.

Vallitsevat energiat ovat puolellamme, mutta ihmiskunnan täytyy kuitenkin tehdä tietoinen valinta ja hylätä ehdotettu uusi maailmanjärjestys.



lauantai 12. syyskuuta 2015

Paradigmoista ja niiden puolustajista

Tiedeyhteisö toimii itsekorjautuvasti, mutta kykenee tekemään tämän vain oman paradigmansa sisällä. Nykyinen luonnontieteen paradigma on materialismi. Sen muuttumattoman perusta, nk. ontologinen primitiivi, on että kaikki olemassa oleva koostuu tai on palautettavissa aineeseen, aineellisiin voimiin tai fysikaalisiin tapahtumiin.

Kvanttifysiikan löydökset eivät kuitenkaan tue tietoisuuden ulkopuolisen kuolleesta materiasta koostuvan maailman olemassaoloa. Tiedeyhteisö ei kykene tarkastelemaan näitä löydöksiä objektiivisesti tai jättää ne kokonaan noteeraamatta, sillä ne saattaisivat potentiaalisesti uhata omaksuttua paradigmaa ja sitä kautta nykyistä tieteellistä maailmankuvaa.

Nähdäkseni tilanne on samankaltainen yhteiskuntatieteiden osalta. Voidaan kenties sanoa demokraattisten yhteiskuntien (kuten Suomi ja Yhdysvallat) ontologisen primittiivin olevan: ”Valitsemamme edustajat ja heidän hallinnoimat ja valvomat viranomaiset ajavat kansan asiaa. Vapaa lehdistä raportoi avoimesti ja objektiivisesti lainsäädäntövallan, tuomiovallan ja toimeenpanovallan toiminnasta."

Kykenemme kritisoimaan omaksumaamme paradigmaa, mutta kun meille esitetään todistusaineistoa, joka totaalisesti kyseenalaistaa sen perustan, emme välttämättä pysty tarkastelemaan aineistoa neutraalisti, sillä se saattaisi uhata koko maailmankuvaamme ja sitä kautta henkistä koheesiota. Tätä ilmiötä kutsutaan psykologiassa kognitiiviseksi dissonanssiksi.

Yksi tällainen todistusaineisto on WTC7:än romahdus, jonka väitetään aiheutuneen toimistotulipalojen seurauksena. Vaikka ymmärrämme, että on mahdotonta, että koko teräsrunkoinen rakennus sortuu toimistotulipalojen seurauksena vapaapudotusnopeutta perustuksiinsa, hyväksymme mieluummin virallisen selityksen tai jätämme tapahtuman kokonaan noteeraamatta, kuin harkitsemme koko paradigmaa horjuttavia johtopäätöksiä.

Useimmat tiedemiehet ja skeptikot eivät ole tiedemiehiä ja skeptikkoja sanojen todellisissa merkityksissä, vaan omaksumansa paradigman puolustajia. Kuten olivat ptolemaiolaisetkin ennen kuin uusi paradigma syrjäytti vanhan.

maanantai 31. elokuuta 2015

Maailmankuvamme muutos

Tulemme tulevaisuudessa nähdäkseni kokemaan nykyisen maailmankuvamme romahtamisen. Muutos on kuitenkin positiivinen, sillä se mahdollistaa kärsimyksestä ja puutteesta vapaan yhtenäisen ihmiskunnan syntymisen.

Ohessa muutamia aiheita, jotka tulevat paljastuttuaan aiheuttamaan aluksi syvää järkytystä ja hämmennystä: 

  • Maailmaa on hallinnut satojen, ellei osittain tuhansien, vuosien ajan rikollisjärjestö nimeltään Illuminati. Se koostuu mm. kasaareista, jesuiitoista, vapaamuurareista ja muista salaseuroista ja vaikutusvaltaisista perheistä
  • Miltei kaikki maailman maat ja suurimmat organisaatiot ovat olleet järjestön soluttamia. Jos jokin maa tai järjestö ei ole taipunut ryhmän kontrollin alle, on valta niissä otettu väkivalloin. Näistä viimeaikaisina esimerkkeinä mm. Irak, Syyria, Libya.
  • BRICS maat ovat viimeisten vuosien aikana toimineet aktiivisesti vastustaakseen järjestön toimintaa. Näistä varsinkin Venäjän merkittävä positiivinen rooli tulee olemaan monille järkytys.
  • Kaikki suurimmat järjestäytyneet uskonnot ovat ryhmän alullepanemia ja ylläpitämiä
  • Lahko itse palvoo jumalinaan maapallon ulkopuolisen sivilisaation edustajia. Uskonto perustuu alistamiseen ja vihaan ja sisältää mm. ihmisten uhraamista. Se tunnetaan nimellä Satanismi.
  • Materialistinen maailmankuva ja siihen liittyvä deterministinen ja ateistinen filosofia ovat rikollisjärjestön alullepanemia ja ylläpitämiä
  • Kaikki maailman suurimmat joukkotiedotusvälineet ja niiden sisällöt ovat olleet rikollisjärjestön kontrolloimia. Kontrolloidut aiheet ovat liittyneet erityisesti talouteen, maailmanpolitiikkaan, tieteeseen ja historiaan.
  • Historiankirjoitus on rikollisjärjestön vahvasti vääristämää. Ryhmittymä on mm. edustanut kumpaakin sotivaa osapuolta ensimmäisessä ja toisessa maailmansodassa ja kylmässä sodassa.
  • Miltei kaikki viimeisten vuosikymmenten aikana käydyt sodat ja tehdyt terrori-iskut ovat olleet ryhmän suorittamia tai alullepanemia
  • Rikollisjärjestö rahoittaa toimintaansa mm. huumekaupalla, orjakaupalla, orjatyöllä, pakolaiskaupalla, asekaupalla ja pankkitoiminnalla.
  • Ihmisten terveyttä on myrkytetty mm. ruoalla, vedellä, lääkkeillä, rokotteilla ja aerosoleilla 
  • Ihmisruumis sisältää energiapisteitä, joita on idän filosofioissa kutsuttu chakroiksi. Terveessä ruumiissa kundaliinienergia kiertää chakrojen läpi esteettä. Illuminati on pyrkinyt estämään chakrojen toimintaa ja kundaliinin liikettä. 
  • Lahko on kontrolloinut säätä ja aiheuttanut suurimman osan viimeaikojen ilmastokatastrofeista
  • Rikollisjärjestö on piilottanut ihmiskunnalta niukkuuden poistavan teknologian, mm. Nikola Teslan keksimän vapaan energian ja monistajat jotka kykenevät luomaan materiaa ns. tyhjästä
  • Luomalla keinotekoisen niukkuuden, ryhmä on orjuuttanut ihmiskuntaa raha– ja pankkijärjestelmällä
  • Rikollisjärjestön perimmäinen tavoite on ollut pienentää maapallon väkiluku 500 miljoonaan ihmiseen ja perustaa globaali autoritäärinen hallinto
  • Ryhmä on aina tarvinnut ihmiskunnan kollektiivisen tietoisuuden voimaa (tunteet ja ajatukset) saavuttaakseen tavoitteensa. Se on pyrkinyt aiheuttamaan ihmisten välille mahdollisimman paljon vastakkainasettelua ja vihaa mm. nationalismilla, uskonnoilla ja rasismilla.
  • Lahkolle on ollut äärimmäisen tärkeää, että ihmiset kokevat erillisyyttä ja pelkoa, sen sijaan että he heräisivät ykseyteen ja rakkauteen
  • Kaikki ihmiset ovat tavalla tai toisella edesauttaneet järjestön suunnitelmien toteutumista. Kun on syntynyt vankilan muurien sisäpuolelle, on ollut hyvin vaikea nähdä tai kuvitella muuta kuin muurien sisäpuolista todellisuutta. Kuitenkin vain hyvin harvoilla yksilöillä on ollut kokonaiskuva Illuminatin suunnitelmista, useimmat ihmiset ovat toimineet jaloista tarkoitusperistä osallistuessaan esimerkiksi armeijoiden tai lääketeollisuuden toimintaan.
  • Ensimmäiset vieraat sivilisaatiot saapuivat aurinkokuntaamme noin 500 000 vuotta sitten.
  • Toisin kuin monet muut olennot, ihmisruumis ei ole kehittynyt evolutionäärisesti, vaan on kymmenien maapallon ulkopuolisten sivilisaatioiden geneettisen kehittelyn tulos 
  • Ihmiskunnalla on lukuisia salaisia avaruusohjelmia. Osa on Illuminatin hallinnoimia, osa on irtautunut lahkon vaikutuspiiristä vastustaakseen sen toimintaa ja osa on muinaisten sivilisaatioiden perustamia
  • Kuussa, varsinkin sen pimeällä puolella, on runsaasti maanalaista asutusta ja toimintaa. Kuu toimii diplomaattisena alueena kymmenille vieraille sivilisaatioille.
  • Marsissa on ohut ilmakehä, joka ylläpitää pientä kasvi- ja eläinpopulaatiota. Myös muilla aurinkokunnan planeetoilla on elämää. Osa elämästä on muuta kuin hiilipohjaista.
  • Ihmiskunnalla on aurinkokunnassa satoja siirtokuntia ja asutuksia. Suurimmilla niistä on yli miljoona asukasta. 
  • Myös maapallon pinnan alla asuu muinaisia sivilisaatioita, jotka ovat myös vastustaneet rikollisjärjestön toimintaa
  • Ihmiskunnalla on käytössä siirtimiä ja tähtiportteja, joilla matkustaminen hyvinkin pitkien välimatkojen päähän tapahtuu hetkessä
  • Virallisten avaruusjärjestöjen päätehtävä on ollut pitää salaiset avaruusohjelmat piilossa ihmiskunnalta
  • Lahko on kokenut kunnioittavansa vapaata tahtoa kertomalla toiminnastaan mm. elokuvien ja kirjojen välityksellä
  • Kaikkeus sai alkunsa kun ääretön tyhjyys tuli tietoiseksi. Tietoisuus jakoi itsensä osiin kokeakseen muuta kuin vain itseään
  • Osat kehittyvät yksilöllisten kehityspolkujensa kautta takaisin äärettömään tietoisuuteen. Olemme ihmiskuntana ja planeettana siirtymässä seuraavaan kehitysvaiheeseen.
  • Olemme kaikki yhtä