tiistai 21. marraskuuta 2017

Despite the evidence

For hardcore tinfoilers only!

If there ever were two pieces of evidence that without a shadow of a doubt prove the Putin is a closet Masonic New World Orderer and that the elites will roll out a one world currency in 2018, they are Putin, Bush and Jintao pictured wearing ominously similar gowns in 2006 and the 1988 cover of the Economist telling us to get ready for a world currency, with a phoenix standing on burning world currencies wearing a coin around its neck with the year 2018 minted on it.

These two images pack more truth than all other imaginable evidences combined. They are the evidence a-bombs of the conspiracy circles!

Except not really. The first image is from the 2006 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Hanoi, where the leaders wore traditional Vietnamese ‘ao dai’ tunics and the second image relates to a short two-page article that discusses the idea of a single world currency, which essentially dreams that perpetual monetary shocks and economic depressions will have primed the world citizens to accept a one world currency by 2018 and the governments more than willing to relinquish their fiscal sovereignty to provide.

It’s no longer speculation that the world is moving away from the petrodollar, with China, Russia, Venezuela and now even Saudi Arabia planning or already adopting other currencies to trade in the liquid. What remains more speculative is the roll-out of gold backed currencies, but the evidence is mounting on that front as well. However nowhere is there talk about a single world-wide currency, nor is there any support for it, quite the contrary, with the world largest currency union, EU, on the brink of disintegration, dozens of new cryptocurrencies hitting the market every day and a yearning for national sovereignty and multipolarity on the rise around the globe.

So, rest soundly dear misfits and freethinkers, despite the evidence, we’re not headed for a NWO nor a single world currency, but a multipolar democratic fiat-free golden age for humanity.

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