torstai 26. lokakuuta 2017

Xi makes the bad guys list

After Trump’s victory, we saw the globalists turn to China to pick up the baton in their race towards their coveted new world order of morally degraded and dissolved nation states, ruled over by their multinational corporations, technocratic think-tanks and money creating private banks.

The change in rhetoric, as here indicated by Carl Bildt, appears to signal that their wishes didn’t exactly pan out here either. Now China’s leader Xi also made the bad guys list, along with Putin and Trump. They’ve basically just got Juncker left to steer the NWO ship with one hand, a wine bottle in the other.

What scares the globalists out of their wits is that the leaders of the three great nations, US, Russia and China would come together in peace and cooperation. According to LaRouche, we could be lining up to such an event.…/tide-can-shift-suddenly-over-comi…

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