maanantai 31. heinäkuuta 2017

On Trump and Russia and on bribability and blackmailability

The latest Russian sanctions bill passed in the Senate by 98-2 and in the House of Representatives by 419-3. The swamp is wide and deep in the US corridors of power.

Were Trump to veto it, the entire establishment would double down on him with it as proof of his collusion with Russia and probably succeed in his impeachment.

Putin has retaliated with the cutting of US diplomatic staff in Russia, as he should, but he too knows that time is on his side. The whole Russia collusion story is falling apart. A lie is only useful for a given period of time, before its inevitable demise.

As a side note, here’s a proposed scale on a person’s bribability and blackmailability:

0 – person is not afraid of death and has no desires

1 – person is afraid of death and/or has desires (money, prestige, sex, etc.)

2 – person is afraid of death and/or has desires and has moderate dirt on him (bribes taken, sex with a prostitute on video, low level initiation rites etc.)

3 – person is afraid of death and/or has desires and has extreme dirt on her (raping/killing a child on video, high level initiation rites etc.)

I’d give Putin and Trump both a 2, most high level politicians in the world are between 2 and 3, low level ones can be 1, but very few if none are a 0.

Such scales are in my opinion much more useful when analyzing and predicting a person’s current and future actions, than throwing around labels such as Zionist/bloodliner/controller opposition, which you see happening quite a lot.

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