sunnuntai 30. heinäkuuta 2017

On Inforwars and Muslims

It is not wrong to conclude that the Infowars’ obsession with the Muslims is playing right into the hands of the controllers' agenda, laid out by one Albert Pike already in the eighteen hundreds.

So is Infowars totally useless? Is it just another CNN?

This is one of the key stumbling stones of the awakened community. How often have I encountered blanket dismissals from otherwise sound-minded individuals on how a certain person or an organization is controlled opposition and should be therefore outright shunned and disregarded.

Let me be quite clear; the world is not a zero sum game, nor is it black and white.

The question that should always be put forth, regarding an individual, organization or a country, is that are its actions in aggregate beneficial towards the liberation of humanity.

The elites are on the retreat. Sure, they use their lackeys to buy time, still hoping to turn the tide in their favor, but on the retreat they are.

Use what’s beneficial, call out the unbeneficial and soldier on.

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