tiistai 27. kesäkuuta 2017

CNN comes clean on Russian narrative

So we have the CNN supervising producer John Bonifield admit on hidden-camera that the Russia-Trump narrative is “mostly bullshit” and that they “don’t have any big giant proof”. He also quotes the CEO of CNN Jeff Zucker as urging them to move back to the Russian story from lesser important topics, such as the climate accords.

Bonifield says that the channel does it for the ratings, but my five cents is that he’s not high enough on the ladder to know the true motives. They are, as I see them, 1. to dethrone Trump who is not willing to play the globalists’ tune (i.e. thus the effort is global), 2. further vilify Russia in preparation to, in one way or another, rendering the country incapable of opposing the builders of the NWO aka. the unipolar world order.

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