keskiviikko 17. toukokuuta 2017

Zionists' crumbling dreams

The Zionists' true desperation is starting to bleed through, as they’re losing control of both their stooges in Washington and their Daesh proxies. The greater Israel project is in peril!

“We are crossing a red line and, in my view, the time has come to assassinate Assad,” he [Israeli Housing Minister Yoav Galant] continued.

“And when we finish with the tail of the serpent, we will reach the head of the serpent, which can be found in Tehran, and we will deal with it, too,” he said.…/388580-israel-minister-assad-assassin…/

Another Zionist creation, Saudi Arabia obediently chimes in:

"We know we are a main target of Iran," speculated Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) in an interview early this month.

Then came the threat. "We are not waiting until there becomes a battle in Saudi Arabia, so we will work so that it becomes a battle for them in Iran and not in Saudi Arabia."

And yes, they’re playing the most powerful card in the whole deck: “Muh Holocaust!”, so things are really getting serious:

“The reality whereby Syria executes people, intentionally uses chemical weapons to hurt them and, now, in the most recent move of extremism, is burning their bodies – this has not been seen in the world in 70 years,” said Israeli Housing Minister Yoav Galant, as cited by Haaretz.

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