perjantai 5. toukokuuta 2017

We're the good guys, right?

You can add EU, NATO, IMF and WTO enthusiasts to the same list.

The funny thing is that this is exactly how it’s described in the latest Star Wars movies as well.

You have a Stormtrooper and an Empire pilot who have their conscience unfrozen and join the Rebellion.

You have Jyn Erso who’s not serving the Empire, but says it’s not a problem to have the Empire flag reign across the galaxy “if you don’t look up”.

You have an Empire commander Grennic who when talking about “proving peace and security for the galaxy” is countered “you’re confusing peace… with terror” replies “well, you have to start somewhere.”

And then you have people walk out of the movies and continue believing they are on the good side rooting for the empire builders of this planet, not understanding that they are the tentacles of the same Empire.

Don’t get me wrong, I know from experience that the Empire will provide, it will provide handsomely if you’re ready to serve its interests to the point. If you’re ready to discard all love for the people and outsource your own grandmother to India if the order comes in.

But then I came to Donbass and saw that its tactics can go much further if needed, that the US, EU, NATO and IMF in all reality support the genocide of the people of Donbass. And with genocide I mean the actual killing of thousands of innocent women, children and men. ”Not looking up” became no longer an option.

They don’t do it because they’re evil per se, but because they are building the motherfucking Empire and because Russia stands in their way of “providing peace and security for the planet”. It’s business as usual, strategy, tactics, nothing personal about it. "You have to start somewhere."

Really, I feel worse for the great majority of people that serve the Empire without realizing who and what they’re serving.

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