tiistai 21. helmikuuta 2017

Did the Empire strike back?

The ex-CIA deputy Mike Morrell said in August last year that Russia should “pay the price” and that the US should start covertly killing Russians.

“You don’t tell the world about it, you don’t stand up at the Pentagon and say we did this, but you make sure they know about it in Moscow.”


After his statement, we’ve seen the death of four high ranking Russian diplomats; Russian ambassador Andrei Karlov to Turkey was shot in December, a senior Russian diplomat to Greece Andrei Malanin was found dead for yet an unknown reason in his bathroom last month, Russia’s ambassador to India Alexander Kadakin died of a heart attack last month and yesterday saw the death of Russia’s ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin in a heart attack.

People die of natural causes all the time of course, but taking into consideration Morrell’s threat and the fact that CIA had developed a ‘heart attack gun’ already back in 1975, more sinister possibilities emerge.


What makes Churkin’s death especially suspect is his intricate knowledge of the alleged organ trafficking during the Kosovo war and his criticism of delays in its investigation. Crimes of which an EU-lead inquiry found “compelling indications” and which were enabled by a war started by one Bill Clinton.


This ties directly into the global criminal organization which is engaged in human trafficking, organ trafficking, paedophilia and the like and whose operations continues being uncovered by a global open source citizens investigation, also known as Pizza/Pedogate, and which threatens to blow the whole "western liberal world order" into pieces.

It appears that these cascading events are also the reason why the push to oust Trump and to start a war with Russia have reached a feverish pitch in the western political establishments and their mainstream media mouthpieces.

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