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Sceptics, new insight and the dogma of materialism


1. (Philosophy) a person who habitually doubts the authenticity of accepted beliefs

You must know these modern knights in shining armour, the sceptics! Always ready to go out of their way to doubt the authenticity of accepted beliefs. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor darkness will stop these pioneers of knowledge from venturing outside the reigning paradigms and traversing knowledge that no man has crossed before.

Or if I’m a little more precise, these dogmatic bigoted defenders of the established beliefs, namely in natural sciences, the holies of the holy: materialism.

This ontological belief that everything in existence can, and forever will be, comprised and reduced to matter and material interactions. Amen.

That we are a biological organ called the brain and outside the brain exists an entire conceptual universe made up of hypothetical inert substance called matter.

That we are caged up in a simulation in our sculls, and we’ll never be able to access this conceptual universe, and we’ve yet to come up with any explanation on how it could give rise to our consciousness creating brain.

“The CIA’s mission statement for the STARGATE program, which contained a stamp specifying the materials should not be released to foreign governments, reads: “To establish a program using psychoenergetics for intelligence applications.”

The William A. Tiller Institute for Psychoenergetic Science defines psychoenergetics “as energy exchanges that can be influenced by consciousness.”

“Articles from decades past, written by columnist Jack Anderson, describe the CIA project Grill Flame, which involved psychics using remote viewing to try to infiltrate military installments within the Soviet Union.”

The files also elucidate the CIA experiments involving Uri Geller, a controversial celebrity psychic. This was just one of multiple tests that led CIA investigators to conclude that Geller “demonstrated his paranormal perceptual ability in a convincing and unambiguous manner.”

In a document entitled, “Use of Psychics in Law Enforcement,” the utility of psychic research was directly stated:

“All of the police officers said they had used a psychic in a case as described in the newspaper articles. Eight of the officers said that the psychic had provided them with otherwise unknown information which was helpful to the case. In three of these cases, missing bodies were discovered in areas described by the psychic.”

Now one would hope that this information would give even a short pause for these so-called sceptics. To, as the title sceptic obligates – actually doubt the authenticity of accepted beliefs -! There is 0% change that these described phenomena could exists in a universe comprised of dead matter, which has randomly organized into completely and absolutely isolated islands of consciousness, i.e. our brains.

Could it be that we are in fact living in the actual world, not in a copy of it created by our brain? Could it be that instead everything in existence, including consciousness, being reducible to matter, it is in fact consciousness that is the ground of existence, the ontological primitive, and which gives rise to all, including matter.

Could it be that instead of us and everything in existence being completely and absolutely isolated, is in fact completely and absolutely connected?

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