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Important speeches by Putin

In his 2013 speech at Valdai, Putin describes the cancer that has enveloped the western society: denying and rejecting our own roots, substituting them with degradation and primitivization of culture and attempting to force this model onto other countries globally.

He goes on to say that substituting faith in God to faith in Satan and the ideology of political correctness have led to serious consideration for legitimisation of parties that promote paedophilia.

His speech is directly linked to the continuing revelations into the rampant paedophilia and Satanism in the western power structures. Deciding to fight this infestation is the primary reason that Russia and Putin have come under severe attack by the entire western power establishment.


One of the more important speeches by Putin, given in 2013.

You can tell by his body language that he is discussing a very sensitive topic.

“Up to 80 – 85% of the first Soviet Union government members were Jews.”

“And those Jews guided by the false ideological thoughts have been arresting and repressing followers of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and followers of other religions.”

“Thank God that those ideological blinkers and false ideological thoughts have collapsed.”

Even more sensitively, the topic ties closely also into the roots of the second world war.

Coupled with the calls by Putin last month for “deep analysis” of cause of revolutions in Russia, this is a can of worms that will be opened sooner than later, but Putin knows that any topic threatening national cohesion, however true, must be avoided until the geopolitical situation allows for it. The same goes for other white hat leaders in other countries.

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