torstai 26. tammikuuta 2017

A Global Maidan in the making?

Something’s brewin.. It appears the elites are attempting to whip up a “popular” resistance to defend themselves. We have Greenpeace hanging a ‘Resist’ flag next to the Whitehouse, US government agencies setting up ‘resistance’ accounts on twitter and science publications inviting people to 'join the resistance'.

This could be the final line of defence for the falling cabal. They appear to be calling to arms all able-bodied souls to fight for "science, reason and for the very survival of humanity."

The conditioning on the sanctity of so-called established science, especially regarding climate change, is extremely deep, it runs much deeper than the Russian scare or any other issue, perhaps being the deepest conditioning for our generation. And many will literally take arms to defend it against the uncivilized hoards rolling in from the land of Post-Truth and flying the flags of Fake News. Even relatively ‘awake’ people will answer this call.

We've already seen the champions of Cultural Marxism gather worldwide in hundreds of thousands in their pink hats to fight the "backward deplorables and their horrible leader". The elites are able to mobilise considerable masses and to it quickly. We've seen this on smaller scale during the Arab Spring and on Maidan, but this time we could be looking at the final trick in their hat: a Global Maidan.

This could get choppy for a while. Many of these deeply conditioned individuals will be in fact the last people fighting for the old order even as its leaders have shot themselves in the bunkers; we’ve seen this happen in history. All people with an understanding of the wider picture should in these times of change center themselves and let cooler heads prevail.

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