tiistai 20. joulukuuta 2016

Were Ankara and Berlin Mossad hits?

If Trump is the pocket of the Zionist faction, as would appear from his speech at AIPAC before the elections (with hard anti-Iran rhetoric), his appointing of a hard-line Zionist as the US Israeli ambassador and his plans on relocating the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (and thus providing a setting endorsement for its occupation by Israel), it is likely that the faction would attempt to move him to a favourable position before his inauguration.

Given, as it seems, that Putin is the most independent of the major international players, any alliance or cooperation, between Putin and Trump would be detrimental for the Zionist faction and especially their Greater Israel project.

In this light, it can be argued, as does Veterans Today in its article (http://www.veteranstoday.com/…/turkish-intel-shoots-russia…/), that the shooting of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey was a Mossad operation and its main goal to heat things back up in the Middle-East and to push Trump into war footing from day one.

In his initial comments on the attack, Putin appeared to acknowledge this by stating that the shooting was an attempt to spoil the Syrian peace process and that “the one who directed the killer’s hand must be exposed”.

Any attempt on warming of Russia’s and Turkey’s (a known Israel vassal) ties is
likewise viewed negatively by the Zionists and would have been part of the objective. This is echoed in Kremlin’s spokesman’s comments that the killing was beneficial for those who want to drive a wedge between Russia and Turkey.

Blood on the streets of Europe from the fighting between the original populations and the Muslim immigrants, and the subsequent calls by the people for more "order" from the leaders (as was the objective for Operation Galdio) has always been the goal of Operation Refugee Crisis, and its masterminds such as Soros, and Trump is playing right into their hands.

Going forward, it’s imperative for Trump to break free from the Zionist’s control, and to do it fast, or to go down with them.

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