lauantai 9. heinäkuuta 2016

On materialism and the control structure

"The view now established in the West is that the people are not qualified to make political decisions." [1]

And I don't blame them. I was a technocrat and a federalist before. Yes, I thought that giving the ignorant plebs a vote was not a good idea. They could never understand the nuances of this complex world and would only stand in the way of progress. They'd even vote against Finland joining the Nato for crying out loud!

What happened? To go into details would take a book, but let me summarize.

The whole control structure hinges on materialism, the ontological notion that everything in existence can be reduced to matter. This is the alpha and omega of our entire world view and from which all its ideas emanate.

Once this core belief has been firmly established in an individual, which happens very early on, the rest is relatively straight forward:

-> since all is matter, you must be matter -> you are the human body -> the human body is programmed and informed by its DNA -> the DNA comprises of 'selfish' genes which attempt to ensure their continuity above all else -> a human being attempts to ensure its existence and continuity of its genes above all else -> a human society is a struggle for the 'survival of the fittest' -> the fittest fight their way to the top of the society -> cries of the plebs over 'injustice' is just the whining of the ones not fit to survive -> those fit to survive will win a long life through technological development whereas the rest will fall dead where they belong -> welcome to the brave new world à la Elysium.

There it is, the whole hierarchical control structure of haves (fit) and have nots (un-fit) lies on its materialistic foundation. Once a person firmly believes that all they are, or could ever be, is their body, the game is on.

Drop some acid, go for a month of Vipassana retreat, do what ever it takes, but for God's sake stop believing these absolutely ignorant and rubbish ideas about materialism. They do not withstand closer intellectual study nor primary research of reality. And with the foundation gone, falls the entire pyramid.


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