torstai 30. kesäkuuta 2016

On the coming economic meltdown

The world financial system edges towards a meltdown and complete disintegration. Unlike the talking heads, politicians and other paid pundits so tirelessly assure you, this shake-up and the following short chaos is required to rid the world of the worst slavery system it has ever witnessed: the private debt-based Fiat monetary (usury) system. The power of the elite lies in this system and it will also fall with this system.

Once the chips begin to fall, all aware and able-bodied souls will be needed on deck to ensure a smooth as possible transition to a democratic non-debt and non-interest based monetary system and a peaceful, diverse and interconnected humanity in general. Here’s a run-down on how the events are likely to unfold as well as suggestions on how to maintain peace during the turbulent first days and weeks:

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