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The Ocean

Somewhere out on the high seas, two waves meet each other.
"Hey there big wave! Where are you headed?"
"To the annual conference of the Big Waves."
"Allright, sounds interesting. Perhaps before you go, I could ask you one question?"
"Well I'm rather busy, but go ahead."
"Do you believe in the Ocean?"
"Oh no, not one of you nuts! Of course I don't believe in the ocean, I'm an atheist like any other sensible wave."
"Why so?"
"If this priced ocean in the sky of your existed, why hasn't it revealed itself? Why hasn't our science found a trace of the ocean? Can you explain that?"
"Well, perhaps we are the Ocean."
"What!? I've heard a lot of crazy things in my days, but this tops the list.. and how do you suppose this fantasy of yours would work?"
"You see, perhaps the Ocean one day wanted to experience something else than just itself and divided itself into individuated units. Sort of like soap bubbles, but without the borders between the bubbles."
"Again, it's a nice fantasy, but I can assure you, I don't feel one bit like the ocean. I'm a Big Wave and I've had to work goddamn hard to get to where I am. I'd be nowhere if I had just sat down all day dreaming about these kinds of things."
"Haven't you ever had an experience where you even for a brief moment felt part of something much much grander?"
"No, but perhaps I will today, when I'll receive my Wave of the Year award. Hahah!
"Oh, congratulations for that, it's a big award."
"It sure is., I don't know why I'm even asking this, but *if* I was the ocean, why don't I feel one bit like the ocean?"
"An excellent question! How I see it, and as you can probably agree, we're certainly not the whole Ocean. We're currently the Ocean experiencing itself as individuated units of itself, each an Ocean within the whole Ocean. Each individuated unit contains a world, as well as a vehicle for moving around in that world, in our case a wave."
"So you are saying that each wave lives in their closed universe, like sort of like a prison cell?"
"No, not at all. Both yours and my individuated units are made up of and informed by the same whole Ocean. Now the theory goes that because we share the same bodies, this "tunes" our units to display similar information for both of us, it enable us to experience the same world and each others bodies in it. Same thing if we had two radios tuned to the same frequency, the radios would be different, the songs playing would be almost identical and the radiowaves informing both radios would be shared. And perhaps, with a little stretch of the imagination, you could imagine the radios and the music also being made up from the fluctuation of the radiowaves."
"Hmm.. I'll have to think that one over."
"Sure, these can be somewhat complicated on the first go. And on why we don't usually feel like individuated Oceans, but like a waves operating in an external world.. here's where it gets interesting. How I see it is that what makes us different from many other "units" out there, like many animals, is that we are self-aware and we have a mind."
"Hmm, ok, I suppose that's right".
"Now, what if the mind was actually an acquired tool for us to shape our unit and by doing so inform and shape the whole Ocean. In the radio example it would be like also having our own radio transmitters. But instead of using the mind for shaping the Ocean, we accidentally also end up using it to create a limiting identity for ourselves. The first thing we say as children with the mind is "I" and with this we refer to our body, instead of the whole individuated Ocean. Because we are the sole programmer of our unit, its not a big deal for us to create a very authentic feeling of actually being the body and a mind identity riding in it."
"On top of this feeling of "I-ness" in the body, we pile up a number of other identities, all programmed with the same mind: "I the child of these parents", "I the one who lives in this town", "I the one who owns this car". These form naturally and don't cause us much suffering. But then there are also the painful ones like: "I the one with the ugly nose", "I the one that everyone hates" and "I the one that does not deserve to live". Lastly there are the ones that sometimes form on top of these painful ones for protection and which are perhaps the most harmful: "I the one that will never be hurt again", "I the one who has earned his right to take advantage of others." and "I the one that is on top of everyone else."
"Well so what? So what if its like that?"
"The problem is that as a given the Ocean feels restricted by feeling it's just a wave. On top of that we also carry around painful and harmful identities where ever we go. Some of which end up hurting every single unit, from an earthworm to a blue whale, that share this reality with us."
"Ok, all well and good, perhaps I don't like all parts of myself, and perhaps I've sometimes hurt others because they were in my way, but I don't see any other option than just to better those parts in myself."
"Well, here is the best part of all, perhaps that is not the only option, perhaps you can take down any identity with the same mind that it was built with! Let's say that you felt that you had an awful singing voice, you could say to yourself with your mind: "I am not the one with the awful singing voice." And to say this over and over until you felt the feeling literally evaporate. And where did this idea of you as a bad singer come from? Most probably from the outside, from other waves. The trick here is also to to stop trusting these outside voices and to independently program whatever you want your reality to be. You can do this knowing that any other wave trying to put you down is just acting out his internal drama and suffering."
"And what about the feeling of myself as a wave and not the ocean?"
"Here's where questions and statements like "Who am I?", "I am no one" or "I am the infinite Ocean/Universe/Whole" come in. With them you'll go directly to the root of the false identification. Meditation is also a way, but using the mind can perhaps be seen as a short cut, like using a blow torch to melt a block of ice, instead of leaving it out in the sun. Also know that the Ocean only exist in this moment of now, where as the mind identities exist in the past and the future."
"And how exactly will I know when I've done it, "cut the root"?
"Oh you will know. It's truly a once in a lifetime experience."
"And that's it, then I'll float around in eternal bliss?"
"Unfortunately not quite. The Universe seems to be fair in the way that it has given us all tools to both plant our identity and to cut it down. But let's say you've been nurturing your particular one for forty years, after it comes down, there will still be a lot of roots to dig up and debris to clear. But, here again, the mind can be used and with any one branch cleared you'll feel lighter and more at peace."
"Hmm, well, it's been interesting, I'll give you that much. Perhaps I'll even try this trick of yours once. Now I must run to make it to the conference in time.
"Thanks for stopping by for a chat. Have a wonderful day. Bye!"

One day the small wave lay resting and saw the Big wave passing by. He waved his hand, but the Big wave was in too much of a hurry to see him.

"I'll never be able to convince the Big wave to look for the Ocean. And why would I need to? It's the Ocean afterall that wants to experience itself as a Big wave. It wants it so much that it will be back again and again in other forms to continue its journey. And I'll be there also, once the Big wave tires of being a wave, to remind it that it too is the Ocean.. as it would be there for me if the roles were reversed. We're all just walking each other home afterall."

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