lauantai 12. joulukuuta 2015

Neti neti

Use the mind to take apart what it has built. An excellent technique for this is the ancient "neti neti" practise or "not this, not this".

Go through your memories which you've identified with and say "I am not this, I am not this". Yes, they happened, but you are not them. Continue this to include your body.

In modern terms you are deprogramming what you have programmed to constitute as "you". Really you are no-one, but still you are, you are boundless existence inbodied.

The memories are still there and they can still be accessed. The mechanism for ego exists too, so its a constant progress of not programming and deprogramming (as this reference point of the Universe has once again remembered).

Truly the one that has the problem is the problem and who you really are has no problems. You are a luminous blissfull being existing only in the now.

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