perjantai 20. marraskuuta 2015

Refined contemplations on this reality

Once a unit of consciousness has achieved self-awareness, it incarnates in a similar reality as the one on Earth to make a choice between love and hate. The two primary conditions for such a reality are forgetting and the illusion of separation.

Being born through the veil of forgetting, where memories of past lives and the time in between are veiled, enables for unbiased decision making. The illusion of bodily separation likewise exists to allow for a conscious choice to be made.

Most forms of spirituality attempt to guide the soul towards love. There are also forms, like satanism, which make an effort to point the soul towards hate. The choice is made by either holding loving and forgiving thoughts or by holding hateful and vengeful thoughts.

Many love based forms emphasize overcoming the illusion of separation, because Unity in itself is unconditional love. This is most commonly achieved through meditation, self-inquiry or the use of psychedelic drugs.

Some forms emphasize maintaining the non-dual state over everything else. These have often been based on the teachings of people who have made this choice and who have been removed from the world.

It is not necessary to permanently overcome the illusion of bodily separation and to deny the body and the world (as also I have sometimes thought). More important is to make a conscious choice between love and hate. We can enjoy this beautiful body and the world in the name of the Absolute, which is Love.

You are now where you are because of the choices you have made between the opposites in the past (including your previous incarnations). Most have however not made a clear choice and linger between the two depending on the circumstances.

This is a pivotal moment in history and the two opposites are becoming clearly visible inside of us and in the world. Make a choice now and choose love and forgiveness over everything else. Especially towards yourself and towards those who have chosen otherwise.

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