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Overview of Michael Salla's book Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliances

A prominent ufology researcher Michael Salla (Ph.D.) has written a highly informative and thoroughly researched book 'Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliances' on secret space programs of the past and current era.

The book contains compelling circumstantial and documentary evidence of current era secret space program research that began in pre-Nazi Germany, fascist Italy and the United States after WWII as well as the role of secret societies (such as the German Vril, Thule and the Order of the Black Sun), ancient Earth civilizations and extraterrestrial groups in their incubation. It also includes descriptions of suppressed civilian efforts to develop advanced space flight enabling technology.

The main offshoots of these programs are said to include the Nazi SS run Dark Fleet, the Cabal/Illuminati controlled Interplanetary Company Conglomerate, the formerly Cabal/Illuminati controlled U.S military lead Solar Warden, the United Nations operated Global Galactic League of Nations and smaller corporate factions working towards/with Artificial Intelligence.

Technologies developed in these deeply secretive and compartmentalized programs include anti-gravity, anti-mass, faster than light travel, free-energy, neurological and mental interfacing, age regression, time travel and memory wiping/implanting.

All mentioned current era human secret space programs operate both inside and outside of our solar system. The more sinister operations include the use of humans as slave labor on Mars and other planets as well as trading slave labor based products, including human beings, to extraterrestrial groups for technology and other sought after goods. The number of victims run into the millions. The count of extraterrestrial groups conducting business with the human factions is said to be as high as 900 different civilizations.

The main ancient Earth civilization programs covered in the book are the Agartha network's Silver Fleet and the Mayan space program. The main alliance groups reviewed are the Secret Space Program Alliance, the Draconian Federation Alliance, the Earth Alliance, UN Type Super Federation (of 40 - 60 human like extraterrestrial groups) and the Sphere Being Alliance.

The groups and alliances are situated on the Service-To-Others - Service-To-Self polarization line and have differing stances as it comes to either releasing information on suppressed technologies, true history and spiritual knowledge to humanity and ending the artificial dept and scarcity based control system or deepening humanity's enslavement.

The spectacular claims are supported by Salla's thorough cross examination of three whisleblowers' stories who claim to have worked in the secret space programs. He also sites a large number of declassified governmental UFO material, news items, historical evidence and other researchers' findings in drawing his conclusions.

Salla ends the book with a review of the principles laid out in the Law of One or Ra material, which details that Earth is coming to the end of a 25000 year cycle. The transition enables souls incarnated on Earth to transition to the next density given that they have become either over 51% Service-To-Others or over 95% of Service-To-Self oriented. If the selection has not been made, the 3rd density cycle of 25 000 years will have to be repeated on another planet(s), as Earth will become a 4th/5th density Service-To-Others planet in the near future.

The book can be heartily recommended for anyone new to the topics as well as to those more familiar with the field. It's a tightly packed source of information on the various secret space programs, extraterrestrial affairs and spiritual evolution and their enormous past, current and future political, exopolitical and societal ramifications.

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