lauantai 28. marraskuuta 2015

David Wilcock's latest article

The 'war on terror' is an absolute joke. The fact of the matter is that mainly western countries and banks are directly financing, arming and aiding terrorist groups like IS/IL (Daesh) to reach their political and ideological goals. This astounding reality is not investigated or covered by the so-called free press. They obediently report all the atrocities committed by the groups, but sideline any evidence that points to governmental backing or to forgery and instigation of terrorist attacks.

The only country openly in opposition to this criminal activity, namely Russia, is being actively demonized and attacked. Things are heating up globally and alliances are breaking up with France joining Russia in its fight against IS and its backers and with the U.S. and other Nato countries not unanimously siding with Turkey in its attack against Russia.

For newcomers into this world of treason of the highest order, David Wilcock's latest long but revealing articles are a recommended read (links to subsequent parts at the bottom):

For Finnish readers, there's also this summary of the articles:

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