lauantai 14. marraskuuta 2015

And so it goes

Having rather accidentally woken up from the illusion that I am the bodymind through which I operate and not the boundless aware emptiness, I was immediately intrigued by why had I been, and why was most of humanity still, in that self created prison.

Going over countless religious texts, ancient writings and contemporary accounts, its become quite apparent that it had been no accidental fall from grace. Humanity was kept in this trance through very rigorous social, religious and economic conditioning.

We are born into a sort of spiritual prison, where everyone we meet has met the same faith. Because we are so used to how the prison operates; the rules, the guards, the walls, we rarely question them.

Every now and then there comes a person that is not content with the answers that the system provides. They climb the walls and peer through its cracks to see what lies beyond, much to the disliking of the prison priests, who are the sole custodians of absolute truth. Today, in addition to the religious figures, we know them as materialistic scientists and their self-appointed royal guard, the sceptics.

And then there is that very elusive tower in the haze, the one from which you could see the whole prison and over the walls. Its not easy to spot and one has to really spend time looking for it. Its so difficult to see that most don't believe it exists.

It has become taboo to even talk about its existence and any references to it are met with a fervent cry: "Are you crazy? There is no tower, and there is definitely no one in the tower that is keeping us here as prisoners! Yes there are walls and yes there are guards, but they are there to keep us safe! Sheesh, what's with you loons!?"

And so it goes.

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